What is an Adoption Home Study?

adoption home study

You’ve accepted your infertility and are ready to adopt a child.  What next?  While adoption laws vary from state to state, all states agree an adoption home study on a prospective adoptive parent is required prior to the adoption of a non-relative.

A home study has three primary purposes: to educate and prepare a family for adoption; to gather information about the prospective adoptive parent; and to evaluate the fitness and suitability of an adoptive parent.

What is a home study?  A home study is an assessment and evaluation of a prospective adoptive parent.  It is based upon supportive documentation including background clearances, financial statements, and interviews that confirm an adoptive parent’s ability to parent an adopted child. Most home studies contain information regarding an adoptive parent’s family background, education, employment, religion, and neighborhood. A favorable home study evaluation is required before an adoptive parent may take custody of a child and proceed with an adoption.

While the home study process is frequently a source of anxiety for some prospective adoptive parents who may fear they will not be “approved”, it is important to remember the study is not to confirm “perfect parents”.  Rather, it is to qualify real parents to parent real children.  With accurate information about the process, prospective adoptive parents can face the home study experience with confidence and the excitement that should accompany the prospect of welcoming a child into the family.

If you are ready to begin the adoption process, and are looking for a home study provider, please visit our Professional Resources page or contact Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. for a list of qualified licensed social workers ready to assist with your parenting dreams.