Unplanned Pregnancy: What Are My Options?

Finding out you’re pregnant when you’re not expecting can be a stressful experience. Surprisingly, almost half the pregnancies that occur in the United States are unplanned. Researching the options and deciding on what to do can be overwhelming if you become pregnant unexpectedly. The first step is to schedule an appointment with your physician so they can explain how far along you are, and what are the possible options for an unplanned pregnancy.

I’m Pregnant – What’s Next?

An unplanned pregnancy can be a difficult experience for a birth mother, and deciding what to do is no easy choice. For women who become pregnant, there are generally three options: parenting, abortion, or adoption. Every situation is different and the decision is personal.

There are a lot of factors to consider and it’s normal to have different feelings about the potential choices. Thinking about the options will often leave you with more questions than answers which makes decision-making difficult. It may be helpful to ask yourself questions to help narrow which route you may take.

  • How will this affect my future?
  • Am I ready to raise a child right now?
  • Do I have a strong personal or religious belief?
  • Will my family, friends, and partner support my decision?
  • Am I ready to go through pregnancy and childbirth?

Asking yourself questions like these can help start the decision-making process and help you narrow down options.

Who Can I Talk To About This?

Depending on the situation, talking with your partner, family, and friends about unplanned pregnancy options can be helpful. However, with a decision as sensitive as unplanned pregnancy, it may be difficult to talk about this topic with a close friend or family member. Receiving non-judgmental information about what options to take can be difficult to find. Speaking with your physician or a health-care professional can provide facts about your pregnancy options.

When Do I Need to Make a Decision?

Taking your time to weigh the options of an unplanned pregnancy is important. Depending on the decision you make, it can affect what options you have. If you are considering an abortion, it may be difficult to find a doctor to perform the procedure after the 1st trimester. If you are considering parenting, then it’s important to get started with prenatal care as soon as possible. With adoption, you can start the process before the child is born, or after, depending on your situation.

Adoption Options

There are a few different options when placing a child for adoption. A child can be adopted privately, placed through an adoption agency, or placed in foster care. Keep in mind every state has different requirements for adoption, so it’s important to review what is needed in your state. If you are considering adoption and need additional information, contacting an attorney that specializes in adoption law can help you find out all of the steps in creating a personalized adoption plan.

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