Unplanned Pregnancy? Choose Adoption with Hausmann & Hickman P.A.

unplanned pregnancy adoptionAdoption is not an easy decision for a woman to make. There are details and information that needs to be taken into account before going through with an adoption. The final decision may not be made until the end of pregnancy, or after child delivery.

There are many reasons why one would choose adoption as an option, and all situations have different circumstances for the women involved. For women that don’t have a plan for an unexpected pregnancy, adoption can be a direction to take.

If you are weighing-in your pregnancy options, consider adoption with Hausmann & Hickman P.A. We help women during the course of pregnancy by providing legal advice, adoption options, and emotional support.

What Are The Benefits of Adoption?

Not everyone is ready for pregnancy, which is why an adoption is a beneficial option for both mother and child. Adoption can be the choice for moms in their situation while providing the best option for their baby. This also provides the opportunity for parents who cannot conceive to adopt.

Benefits for Birth Mothers:

An unplanned pregnancy can halt career or education goals for women. Also, depending on the financial situation, the birth mother may not be able to raise the child. Here are some benefits of adoption for Birth Mothers:

  • Are more likely to complete education
  • Are more likely to be employed a year after the baby is born
  • Are more likely to marry and less likely to divorce
  • Are more likely to not have financial issues

Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. can also help you with the following support and help:

  • Selecting your adoptive family
  • Financial Assistance
  • Free Supportive Counseling
  • Open Adoption Options

Benefits for Adoptive Children:

The adoptive child is going to a family that is in a position to raise a child. They will be able to provide the child a loving and nurturing environment. For the birth mother, they are selflessly making the best decision for the baby. Here are some benefits for adoptive children:

  • Stable environment and household
  • More one-on-one attention from the adoptive parents
  • Are more likely well-adjusted as their peers

Benefits for Adoptive Parents:

Birth mothers can provide the joy of a new child to adoptive parents who may not have other means to conceive. Adoptive parents also benefit from adoption as shown below:

  • Providing a loving home for the child
  • Ability to fulfill the dreams of having a family
  • Opportunity to meet birth mother and form a relationship

adoption attorney floridaAdoption can be a great option for birth mothers if they have an unplanned pregnancy. The adoptive child has supportive adoptive parents that can raise them in a nurturing environment. The birth mother also does not the financial or mental stress of raising baby, if they are not in a position to do so.

At Hausmann & Hickman P.A., we specialize in providing a seamless adoption for all parties involved. The birth mother can pre-screen the adoptive parents before making a selection. Financial assistance is available for birth mothers that are looking at adoption. We are here to also provide support counseling for birth mothers during their pregnancy. To schedule a free consultation, give us a call at 1-877-682-3403.