Unplanned Pregnancy Alternatives to Abortion

Unwanted or unplanned pregnancy may leave women feeling overwhelmed. This can bring up many questions about their options and alternatives. Women may take steps without exploring various alternatives available to them. Below are the various alternatives that women can opt for.

Alternatives to Abortion

Women may choose to have an abortion believing that it is the best option available to them. For some situations, it is a viable option. But there are alternatives for women that they may not have fully considered or researched. For example, seeking adoption help in Florida is a beneficial option. Having an abortion may entail some of these complications for women:

Women undergoing an abortion might suffer from post-abortion stress syndrome (PASS) for several days, months or even years following the procedure. There are also several instances where these women have become victims of chronic depression and anxiety.

While it’s true that abortion rarely involves any serious complication, like most other medical procedures it also has certain health risks. In addition, the process is time sensitive. In most cases, abortion needs to be done at a very early stage of pregnancy. If it becomes too late, the patient might become at risk of serious health hazards.

Abortion is a pretty expensive process. It might cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars depending on the circumstances of the woman and the stage of pregnancy she is in.

Alternatives to Abortion

  1. Raise The Child As A Single Parent:

Women often opt for an abortion as they may not be ready or able to co-parent with the baby’s father. In such situations, instead of taking the extreme step, raising the baby on their own is a viable option. It’s true that this job would be extremely challenging, but with a little support from friends and family, raising a child can be rewarding.

  1. Look For Temporary Guardianship:

Temporary guardianship is an option for birthmothers that cannot raise the child in their current situation. This would be a good alternative for women who know/believe that their situation would soon change. A dear friend or a close family member may be considered as the temporary guardian of the baby.

  1. Place The Baby For Adoption:

Adoption is currently a widely recommended alternative to abortion. Giving the gift of life is precious for any birth mother. It not only provides birthmothers a way for their child to be taken care of but depending on the situation, adoption can relieve birthmothers of financial and mental stress. Placing the child with a loving adoptive family provides birth mothers the peace of mind that their child is going to a safe and nurturing environment.

There are many organizations offering adoption help in Florida. While placing a baby for adoption may weigh on the mind of the birth mother, it can ensure a happy and healthy future for the child. The attorney’s and staff at Hausmann and Hickman have years of experience with adoption in the state of Florida. We know how difficult the decision can be to place a child for adoption and we strive to ensure the process is comfortable for the birth mother and baby. For information regarding the adoption process in Florida, call us at 1-877-703-0774, text us at (561) 777-3320, or email us at [email protected].