Unplanned Pregnancy Alternatives to Abortion

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be scary for a woman of any age. Abortion is one option for unplanned pregnancies, but there are multiple other abortion alternative options that women should consider. These options include adoption, parenting the child, asking the father to care for the child, and temporary fostering. Each option has its benefits and drawbacks. The important part is that the mother gets the opportunity to consider all her options and make an informed decision about what would be best for her and the child.

Consider Keeping the Child

Giving birth and raising a child is not an option for every woman, but it is an option that should be considered. Consider seeking help from a family member and exploring other resources before opting for an abortion. No one will say that raising a child is easy but there is help that exists. The government does offer assistance for women that have children and are not financially stable. Parenting a child is a challenging yet rewarding experience that few women regret.

The Father As The Parental Guardian

Some men dream about being a father just as much as some women dream about being a mother. It cannot hurt to talk with the baby’s father and see if he has a desire to raise the child. If the birth mother and birth father are not married, this is a likely option. Even in the case that neither the birth mother nor birth father are able to take guardianship of the child, there are still reasonable alternatives to abortion.

Adoption for Unplanned Pregnancies

Women who learn they are facing an unplanned pregnancy should consider adoption for their child before they decide on abortion. Agency adoption and private adoption are two viable options to give the child a loving home. Private adoption is often preferred abortion alternative for birth mothers because the child never enters foster care and financial support can be provided throughout the pregnancy. Private adoption in Florida is completed through an adoption law office such as Hausmann & Hickman, Adoption & Surrogacy Services. The lawyers match birth mothers with adoptive parents that have aligning views for the child’s future. With private adoption, the birth mother has the option to decide on future interactions with the adoptive family, such as receiving photos and updates on the child throughout their life. These types of requests are common with private adoption processes in Florida.

Temporary Foster Care

Foster care can be a temporary option for women who want to raise their child but are not fit to do so at the moment. It is also an option for women who decide that they want their child placed for adoption after the child is born. The child can be placed in a foster home until the birth parents are prepared to care for the child or until the private adoption process is completed. In some cases, the child can be placed with the prospective adoptive family, as a foster child, until the adoption process is completed.

An unplanned pregnancy does not have to be a negative experience for anyone. As the birth mother, private adoption is a selfless abortion alternative that can be chosen to benefit the birth mother and the child. Private adoption agencies will help birth mothers find an adoptive family and an arrangement they are most comfortable with. For information and assistance with private adoption, contact Hausmann & Hickman at (877)684-5861.