Top 5 Questions For Adoption In Florida

There are many children in Florida who live in foster care, and there are also many adoption situations in which a birth mother arranges an adoption through a private attorney or agency before the baby is born. Many organizations offer adoption help in Florida. An individual or family looking into adoption may find reviewing the adoption questions below helpful in the adoption process.

Top 5 Adoption Related Questions:

What is the eligibility for adopting a child in Florida?

To adopt in Florida, an individual needs to pass a home study and several other types of clearances to be eligible. To become an adoptive parent for a child he/she should be prepared to offer a commitment of a lifetime. It really does not matter whether that individual is single or married. Many diverse families, including single-parents, same-sex couples, and married couples adopt in Florida.

Who can be adopted in Florida?

Many children in foster care are reunited with their relatives and parents. If the parental rights of birth parents are terminated by the court, children may then find a home through the adoption process. Birth parents may also make an adoption plan through an attorney or agency while the birth mother is still pregnant or after the birth to place their child for adoption with a family of their choice, instead of involving the foster care system.

How long is the adoption process?

The duration of the process varies per case. Most last approximately six months to two years, depending on the preferred situations specified by adoptive parents. To become an adoptive parent, individuals may need to complete educational courses and various levels of background checks, as well as physical exams and a complete home study. After the child is placed with the adoptive family, a counselor will visit and supervise the family during a 90 day period. After completion of this process, a hearing will be scheduled and the adoption process will be finalized.

Can biological parent(s) take the child back?

Upon signing a consent for adoption in the state of Florida after the child is born, birth parents cannot legally change their mind about their decision. Following consent signing, parental rights are terminated by the court. After the consent forms are signed once the baby is born, the adoptive parents will have custody of the baby, and in subsequent months the adoption will be finalized.

How much does an adoption process cost?

When working with a private adoption attorney, the adoptive family typically pays the expenses related to court and attorney fees as well as any birth parent expenses related to pregnancy. This amount varies based on each situation, and families can also apply for an adoption tax credit to relieve the burden of some of these expenses.


Many attorneys and agencies offer adoption help in Florida. The adoption process does not need to be tedious and time-consuming if the right steps are in place. Adopting in Florida is a beautiful experience when a child and adoptive parents are able to form a family and fulfill the birth mother’s hopes and wishes for her child. At Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., we specialize in helping birthmothers and adoptive parents create a personalized adoption arrangement. We offer private adoption and surrogacy services and can help birthmothers with placing a baby with the adoptive family of their choice. For more information about private adoption, contact us today at 1-877-703-0774, text us at (561) 777-3320, or email us at [email protected].