Florida Reproductive Law

If you are uncertain about adoption, or simply wish to have a biological connection to your child, reproductive technology may be a suitable option.  It is now one of the fastest-growing methods of creating a family.

Florida law recognizes a person’s right to parent through surrogacy, preplanned adoption, and donor arrangements. A surrogacy agreement that outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of the surrogate and intended parents must be entered into prior to commencing a pregnancy.

Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. specializes in drafting contracts, representing carriers and egg donors, and finalizing third-party reproductive arrangements under all aspects of Florida’s reproductive law. We have represented intended parents who reside in the United States and internationally, including traditional families, single intended parents, and same-sex couples. We will work with you to create an agreement that meets the specific needs of your reproductive arrangement. To learn more about our surrogacy services, please visit our Surrogacy FAQs and contact our office to schedule a complimentary introductory telephone consultation with one of our attorneys.