Private Adoption Today

private adoption

Private adoption today is nothing like it was in years past.  Long gone are the days of “closed” adoptions, when newborns were whisked from the delivery room before a birthmother had an opportunity to request otherwise.

Today’s birthmother directs her adoption plan, and in so doing provides her child the best future possible.

How does this happen?  With private adoption today, birthparents determine the “type” of adoptive family they feel would best suit themselves, and therefore suit their child.  Adoptive families consist of married heterosexual couples, single parents, and same-sex couples.  All adoptive families must endure a rigorous screening process, called a “homestudy”, which includes extensive background checks, review of their financial status, and confirmation the adoptive family is otherwise capable of providing for a child.  Would you like a “stay-at-home” mom?  Do you want your child to be their first child?  Do you have a religious preference? Regardless of the type of family you are searching for, there are definitely many families ready and willing to provide a wonderful future to your child.

Would you like to meet the adoptive parents?  Do you want the adoptive parents involved in your pregnancy and even at the hospital when your baby is born?  Would you like to present the baby?  How about receiving pictures, letters, and possibly even having visits with the child in the future?  These are only a few of the many options you have with a private adoption.

To learn more about private adoption in Florida, and how we can help you to make the best possible plan for yourself and child, please visit the adoption link on our website.  We have some wonderful adoptive families just waiting to connect with you!