Private Adoption in Florida

A Beautiful and Loving Way to Create A Family

adoption agency in florida

A private adoption is an adoption arranged without any government or state involvement.  We are available to act as Florida adoption entities and handle all aspects of a legal adoption placement.

The private adoption process has changed dramatically over the last couple of decades, and provides a greater amount of openness and communication than ever before. Adoptive parents and birth parents meet and share information before the child’s birth, and agree to continue contact after the child’s placement. Communication in each adoption is essential to the child’s best interests and to the individual comfort and ease of both parties.

adoption agency in florida

Adoptions vary as widely as the families and children involved. Each placement is personally and individually selected, taking into consideration the emotional, financial and other special needs and desires of all parties. We handle adoption in Florida and throughout the country in compliance with the Interstate Compact and the Placement of Children. Unlike a large adoption agency in Florida, we handle every adoption with personal attention and support.

Over the past two decades, Florida’s Adoption Law has evolved to focus primarily on the interests of the child.   Florida’s Laws are designed to provide each birth parent full disclosure of their rights and an opportunity to come forward to provide for their child.  Florida law includes a Putative Father Registry to allow fathers to register their paternity, and the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry (FAAR) which affords birth families an opportunity to reconnect upon the adoptee reaching 18 years of age,

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