I'm Pregnant and Considering Adoption
Pregnant? You have options

    Are you pregnant and exploring your options?

    If you are considering adoption, our program will help you find adoptive parents to provide a loving and supportive home for your baby. When you place a baby for adoption through Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., the placement is done without DCF involvement, allowing the baby to leave the hospital in the arms of the family you have selected. As a birth parent, there is no cost to you.

    Unlike a large adoption agency, we will personally handle your case with sensitivity and understanding. Contacting us is confidential and does not obligate you to choose adoption.

    Financial Assistance

    Florida law allows the adoptive family to assist with your living expenses when needed. Together we will develop a budget to help alleviate financial pressures during pregnancy and while you recover following delivery.


    Our office can assist you with the cost of housing during your pregnancy and recovery period.


    Your electric, internet, phone, and water costs may be included within your living expenses budget.


    Our office can provide assistance with gas, Uber, bus passes, and other transportation costs.

    Funds for Food

    We will work with you to develop a budget for food and incidentals when needed.

    Families Ready To Adopt

    We work with many adoptive families throughout the country, including single and married parents, LGBTQ+ families, and families with and without children. This is your personal adoption plan. If you don’t see the right family, just let us know. We’ll help you find adoptive parents for your child through our extensive network of resources. Once you are matched, we will coordinate your meeting with the adoptive family. You may choose to exchange contact information and continue to communicate with them throughout your pregnancy and beyond.

    Jenna & Ian
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    Sandra & Ron
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    Elly & Nate
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    Pat & Patty
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    Rebecca & Elliott
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    Flor & Marcos
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    Jenna & Ian

    We are Jenna and Ian, from Florida! We’ve always dreamed of being parents and are excited to begin this journey. We know that your goal is finding the best possible home for your baby. We are thinking of you, as the birth mother, making this difficult decision. We are so thankful you are considering our family for your child. We hope our book gives you some insight into who we are, our daily lives, and helps you envision a safe and happy home for your child. We look forward to hearing from you once you read our story and who we are as good, kind, and a fun-loving couple.


    Hi there!

    Thank you for considering me as your adoptive parent!

    Being an adopted child myself is what brought me on this journey to meet you! I have always known I wanted to adopt a child especially because I was.

    This choice you are making will never be taken lightly. It will be honored and cherished. You and your child are true blessings. I know you are brave and beautiful, and I will make sure your child knows how really special you are.

    I am so grateful that I have a connection with my birth mom, for what she did for me and how much she appreciates my adoptive parents. I respect her immensely. I want to be able to do the same for your child. I will give him or her all that I can with love, support, understanding. Hazel, my almost 7 year old, can’t wait to meet, hug, love and teach your child. She will be the most compassionate big sister.

    I deeply believe that the very best gift you can give an adopted child is to be open with them from the very beginning. Your child will always feel like he/she belongs and being adopted was a gift between two amazing women, you and me.



    Sandra & Ron

    Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are grateful that you are considering us to raise the child that you are expecting and appreciate that you are considering this loving path. Please know that your child will have the brightest of futures with us.

    Our seaside town is a unique place where it is truly ideal to raise a family and to grow up as a child. We believe in providing your child with every educational and developmental opportunity balanced with fun and variety. Our families are tight-knit and so supportive of our plans to adopt a second child.
    Both future siblings will get to share this bond. And your child will immediately gain a lifelong, sweet-mannered, and energetic older brother! Our marriage is long enduring. Sandra is naturally maternal, joyful, and full of energy. A nurturer, she makes everyone feel special. Ron is gentle in nature and kind and patient.

    He relishes playing endless games and reading books over and over again to a child’s content. Our immediate family is made up of Ron and Sandra and our two-year-old son who also joined our family through the beauty of adoption, and our sweet long haired lab. Our extended families live no more than 10 minutes away and that includes three darling cousins who are always ready to play. Our family members all have a playful spirit and a sense of adventure which makes travel, outdoor activities, and beach life a natural part of our lives. Our quiet seaside area remains charming and safe and very much home to both of us. Our home is close to great schools and nearby parks and Orlando parks are near.
    We hope to share this quality of life if we have the opportunity. Thanks to the support that we have from our family and our community, we’ve been able to build a loving, welcoming, and lasting home. We offer your child the stability of our strong marriage and that we will be loving parents and providers.

    Elly & Nate

    Hello and thank you so much for considering Elly, Violet, and Nate as an adoptive family.  We have been married for 15 years, together for 20 years and have one 7 year old daughter, Violet.  Our greatest joy and aspiration in life has been being parents, and feel strongly called to grow our family through adoption.  We can’t imagine how difficult the decision to place your child with an adoptive family must have been, however our promise to you is that we will do all in our power to provide a stable and loving environment so that your child will thrive.  He or She will always know love and understand the sacrifice you’ve made for Him or Her.

    Pat & Patty

    Hi, we are Pat and Patty. We are very grateful you are considering adoption and viewing our profile. We will do our very best to paint a picture of our life, to help you imagine your child as a part of our family.
    We were college sweethearts, and boast 26 years of friendship and 19 years of marriage. We count our blessings, laugh often, and try not to take ourselves too seriously. A stable home, with a loving couple that has an excellent track record of making sacrifices for the sake of their marriage and the good of the family, is what we have to offer a child.
    May whatever you decide, bring you peace and comfort. If you choose to make an adoption plan with us, we promise to do all we can to support you.
    -Pat & Patty

    Rebecca & Elliott

    We are Elliott, Rebecca, and Ellie. We are a family created by adoption and love.

    We want to share a little about our hearts and hopefully get to know yours one day soon.

    Through this book, we hope that you can see our love of life and family and our genuine desire to be the best parents possible.

    We adopted our daughter, Ellie, four years ago, so our family understands the importance of the decision you are considering.

    If our family feels like home for your child, we would be blessed by your trust in us.

    Whatever your choice may be, please know that we are thinking about you, praying for you, and support you as you seek what feels right for you and your baby.

    With great love,

    Rebecca & Elliott

    Catherine & Tim

    Hi! Thank you for considering us as your adoptive parents.

    We are Catherine & Tim. We have been together for 13 years and married for 10 years. We are a fun, loving, hard working couple. Catherine is in sales and Tim is an attorney.

    We struggled with infertility for 5 years.  After that experience, we did not know much about adoption, but we wanted to learn.  We now have a much better and deeper appreciation for the journey of a birthmother, and we would love to bring a child into our home through adoption.

    We are a very active couple. We love to travel, hike, explore nature, attend sporting events, and hangout with our friends. Catherine is an avid runner and reader. Tim loves to go to the gym and watch sports. We have a niece and nephew and our families are very excited for us to expand our our own little family.

    If you choose us, your child will always know their story, where they came from, and how much they are loved by you. We also commit to you that we will raise your child in a loving home, full of adventures, activities, stories, and hugs.

    We are here to support you as much as you would like us to do so during this time.

    Claire & Allen

    “We’d like to show you a little about our life and would love to get to know you as well. We’ve always known we wanted to have children and have spent the last years supporting and loving the children in our lives as foster parents, neighbors, friends, and (as we’d like to think), fun uncle and aunt. Because we haven’t been able to have children biologically, we’d like to grow our family through adoption. Claire’s sister was adopted, and Allen grew up closely with a cousin who was adopted as well.

    Allen and I are best friends and genuinely enjoy spending our time together. We feel blessed to have developed such a wonderful community through our friends, neighbors, and family. We live in a beautiful city where we love to explore the greenway on our bikes and hike nearby trails. We also love to visit the mountains and beaches, both within a few hours’ drive.

    As foster parents, we were blessed to have first-hand experience unconditionally loving the children in our home as we supported reunification with their families. Now we’re hoping to adopt a child meant to be a part of our lives forever. We know we can’t fully understand the pain and difficulty of being in your shoes right now. We may not know you yet, but we pray and hope you find genuine comfort and peace as you continue this journey, wherever it takes you. “


    Thank you for taking a moment to get to know me! I think that adoption is a loving and courageous choice. I would like to share my story with you – why my desire is to adopt and to welcome a child in my life at this time. I’m ready and my heart is open!

    I am a professor whose career has centered around assisting children with special needs and their families. I planned on having children after establishing my career and have always been open to adoption. After experiencing my own challenges with fertility, my desire to adopt has only grown. My experiences both personally and professionally have well prepared me to care, nurture, and raise a child. I look forward to providing a warm, loving, fun-filled home and a solid foundation for a bright, promising future. I have a large community and family—related and unrelated—who cannot wait to extend a warm welcome and shower a little one with love.

    Thank you for taking a moment to review my profile. Wishing you kindness and peace as you weigh your decisions.



    Flor & Marcos

    Hi! Today we would like to tell you our story. We’d like that, for a few minutes, you get to know our universe, get to know who we are, and a little about our life.

    One of our major dreams is to become parents and we hope that through adoption, our dream will come true.

    We met almost 10 years ago, we have been married for 7. A great friend in common introduced us, he knew that the magic, the love and the connection between us was going to be instantaneous, and it was.

    We were born in Argentina, and for almost 6 years we have lived in Miami, we speak English and Spanish. Both languages ​​are constantly embracing our lives.

    We are blessed to be surrounded by great friends and family who visit us constantly.

    Our house has the love of 3 Golden Retrievers, Merlin (5), Allegra (3) and Eros (2), they are good, affectionate and playful. Our house is big, they have their own room and garden area exclusively for them.

    We are really happy with the decision of adopting a child. We believe it’s a great act of love and respect for life.

    You will always be an especially important person in their life, because not only have you brought them into the world, but also have given them the possibility to live and have been extremely generous in granting us the possibility to be their family and to care for them. We will always talk to them about you and acknowledge your amazing act of love.

    We’d like to provide the child with the best opportunities, love and respect. We are open to the possibility of the child having an open adoption with you depending on your wishes and what you are comfortable with.

    Thank you for considering our family to be a part of your journey.

    Flor & Marcos

    Open Adoption

    Post-birth communication agreements allow you to watch your child grow over the years and give you peace of mind that your dreams for your child coming true. Adoption plans today are more open and include scheduled picture and letter updates.

    An adoption plan is personalized to fit your own unique desires for your child. Whether you are looking for pictures, letters, or even annual visits, we’re confident we can help you find the perfect family.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What information will I know about the adoptive family?

    If you are pregnant and considering adoption, the information you know about the adoptive family is largely determined by you. This all depends on the type of adoption you choose. Frequently adoptive parents and birth parents choose to have a “semi-open” adoption which allows a birth parent to learn personal information including the state in which the adoptive family lives, their ages, length of the marriage, employment, physical description, hobbies and interests, and religion. You may choose to meet the adoptive family, have them attend prenatal visits, or even have them present for delivery. In some cases, families select an open adoption, exchanging identifying information, and having annual visits. If you have additional questions that will help you in choosing the best family for your child, create a list, and ask the adoption professional you consult with for guidance.

    Will my child get information about me if he/she desires?

    Yes, if you choose. Identifying information remains confidential in an adoption proceeding unless written authorization to release that information is given. When you execute the adoption consent following delivery, our office will offer you a Birthparent Release of Information which, if executed by you, remains in our file and permits our office to open the file to the child when he/she reaches the age of majority. Additionally, you and your child may search for one another using the Florida Adoption Reunion Registry, which acts as an information bank to store the names and addresses of adoptees as well as their biological families. Information regarding the Reunion Registry will be provided and explained to you before signing your consent to an adoption.

    Can I change my mind after I sign a consent to adoption?

    If you place your child, under 6 months of age, for adoption with an adoptive family, and you properly signed an adoption consent, your consent cannot be revoked If your child is over 6 months of age when you sign your consent, you have 3 days to revoke your consent. A court may set aside an adoption consent upon a finding that fraud or duress existed in the adoption.

    Does the birth father have to agree to the adoption?

    Florida law requires that every effort be made to notify the birth father of your adoption plan and obtain his consent to the adoption. You will be asked to provide his name, address, telephone number, physical description, and any additional information you have which will assist us in contacting him.
    If you are uncertain as to the identity or current whereabouts of the birth father, the attorneys will speak with you further to discover information to assist in contacting him.

    If you do not wish to speak personally with the birth father, the attorneys will contact him and make arrangements for him to complete the paperwork.

    What if the birth father doesn't cooperate in the adoption?

    You should provide the attorneys with all information you have concerning the birth father so they may contact him to request his consent to the adoption or assistance with financial support. The earlier in your pregnancy we make contact with him, the more likely we will be able to work out a successful adoption plan.

    If you are not married to the biological father, we may serve him with a Notice of your adoption plan. The law requires that the father provide support for you and the child and that he register his paternity with the Office of Vital Statistics. If he fails to timely respond, his consent to the adoption will not be required.

    May I have pictures of my baby? How often?

    Yes! All adoptive families commit to providing pictures and letters. In most cases, these are sent via email or a private website. If you are interested in more contact, let us know and we will consider your request when we help you to select the right adoptive family for your child.

    Will I be able to see my baby in the hospital?

    Yes. You have the right to spend as much time with your baby as you wish. Most birth parents will have the baby brought to their room, will spend time with the child alone as well as together with the adoptive parents. This is your birth plan. Tell us your wishes and we will do everything we can to assist.

    Will I have to go to court?

    No. You may choose to waive notice of the court proceedings, or you may choose to receive a notice and appear at the hearing for termination of parental rights, but your attendance at the hearing is not mandatory.

    What information is needed from the birth father?

    It is best for everyone, especially your child if we can obtain as much information as possible. Future medical treatment will be affected by any medical history obtained from both birth parents. For that reason alone, you should give truthful information regarding his identity and whereabouts.

    Does my family have to be involved in my adoption?

    No. Florida law does not have a minimum age requirement to place a child for adoption, nor does the law require that you notify or obtain consent from your parents to proceed with an adoptive placement. Hopefully, your decision to share your adoption plan with your friends and family will provide you with the support and guidance you need during your pregnancy, placement, and post-placement period.