Pregnant & Thinking About Adoption?

birth parent

Adoption is a loving parenting choice for a child. Many birth parents and expectant mothers consider adoption when they are not in the position to meet all of the emotional and financial needs of their child. Like many parenting decisions, the adoption choice can be a difficult decision.

Birth parents often express a fear that their child will not understand their adoption choice or that they may not have sufficient information about their child’s adoptive family.

Every birth parent has the right to choose and meet their adoptive family. It is important that each birth parent is confident that they selected the perfect adoptive family for their child. Through this choice, the parent has an important voice in their child’s future. Today, many birth parents and adoptive parents continue this relationship by agreeing to an open adoption plan. With an open adoption plan, a birth parent will receive periodic updates on their child on a schedule and in a manner that meets their needs. Many parents may also choose to enjoy visitation with their children during the years after an adoption placement.

Today, the adoption process is designed to gently guide each birth parent through the choices that are available to them. Before you select any adoption attorney or agency, please make sure that the adoption professional is experienced and local to your state. It is important that each birth parent take the time to meet personally with the adoption professional. It is that adoption professional that is personally responsible for assuring that your choices are respected and honored and your child’s interests are protected. We recommend that you only choose a Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Attorney. Adoption is a legal process and these attorneys are the recognized experts. Hausmann & Hickman’s attorneys are adoption experts with an outstanding reputation for honesty and caring adoption services.