Open Adoption


Adoption today is very different from years ago.  Nowadays most birth parents chose to meet the adoptive parents before the child is born, and continue their relationship after delivery.  “Open Adoption” is a fluid term which includes the concept of communication between the birth family and adoptive family.  A “Closed Adoption” limits all communication to indirect non-identifying information relayed through an intermediary or adoption entity.

An open adoption includes some level of communication during the pregnancy and post-adoption placement period.  The most common form of an open adoption is an agreement to exchange pictures and letters during the adoptive child’s growth years.   An open adoption arrangement may include exchanging email addresses, telephone numbers and Skype addresses.  In a smaller number of adoptions, the parties agree to post adoption visits.  In every case, an open adoption agreement considers the primary interest of the adoptive child.

When beginning your adoption journey, consider the adoption perimeters which will best suit you and your family, and then communicate your desires to the adoption professional you are working with as this will help  in the birth parent/adoptive parent matching process.  A written contact agreement will insure everyone’s future contact plans are consistent, and will provide a timeline to look forward to!

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