Non-Traditional Families

A&S Non-Traditional FamiliesThe concept of a healthy and stable family unit has emerged and changed over the past decades.  We are available to provide our resources and assistance to all types of adoptions.  As leaders in the trends of Florida adoption laws, our attorneys have extensive experience handling second-parent adoptions and parenting agreements for same sex couples.

Florida recognizes each parent’s right to establish a legal relationship with their child.  Through second-parent adoption, same sex couples are able to obtain this level of security for their children when the state issues a birth certificate listing both parents.

Two beautiful womenAssisted reproductive technology provides unique challenges for same sex couples.  Frequently fertility clinics utilize standard donor agreements which, without editing, may result in a “donation” of genetic material and immediate loss of parental rights to the donor, which in fact was not the intention of the parties. Legal representation in advance of such procedures is prudent.  As couples legally acquire donor material and undergo reproductive medical procedures, we recommend that prospective parents enter into legal agreements and parenting plans to protect each parent’s rights.

Today you have many options for family formation. Whichever route you take, retain an experienced legal professional to ensure legal stability for your family.