Myths About Placing a Baby for Adoption

myths about placing baby up for adoptionPlacing a child for adoption is one of the most selfless and difficult decisions a birth mother can make. Every parenting situation is different, whether it’s adoption or an unplanned pregnancy. No matter the circumstance, every child deserves the chance to be welcomed into a loving and caring family. The available information for adoption can be quite overwhelming and confusing when making the decision. This can usually leave the birth mother with more questions than answers.

Not everyone is prepared for parenthood just because a pregnancy test is positive. Adoption can be a wonderful option for both birth mothers and child. With adoption, there are different directions moms can take, but not all options are best for the child. Here are some of the more common adoption options:

  • Public Agencies
  • Private Agency
  • Independent Adoption
  • International Adoption

These options are all viable for adoption, but all have specific details on the process and ultimately how the child is adopted. International adoption and large public agencies may not handle adoption with personal or attentive care. Adopting independently can place much of the work on the birth mother as there are legal procedures and financial responsibilities to sort out. Along with the amount of work involved, the process of adoption has many myths associated with it. Here are some of the common adoption myths:

  1. Birth moms regret their decision – Birth mothers have the right to choose a closed or open adoption. They can communicate with the family looking to adopt pre and post birth should they choose.
  2. Adoption is secretive – Open and closed adoptions are available options for the birth mother. They can choose to communicate with the child and family or to keep their info
  3. Birth moms will have emotional issues – Some women do feel grief after adoption, which is normal, but those feelings do not last. Knowing that adoption provides the child a great option for a stable and loving home helps birth mothers cope with the decision.
  4. Birth mothers are teenagers – No women should be judged on making a decision to adopt. Women in their 20’s and 30’s have chosen to adopt if they are facing economic or other pressures.
  5. Both adoptive parents and birth moms raise the child – Though a birth mother can choose an open adoption to communicate with the child and family. The child is the legal responsibility of the adoptive parents and has full custody.
  6. The child will feel rejected – With a proper adoption, the child can understand that their birth mother placed them for adoption to provide them with a bright future.

At Hausmann & Hickman, we specialize in personalized adoption for birth mothers. Unlike large adoption agencies, our team personally handles every adoption case with providing compassion and care. We create a personalized adoption plan and have a network of families for you to choose from. Financial assistance and counseling are available for birth moms who are in need of support. If you have questions or would like to speak with one of our qualified team members, please give us a call at 1-877-987-7693.