What To Look For in a Surrogate Mother

surrogate motherYou’ve struggled with infertility and have decided that surrogacy is the best option for starting your family. So where do you begin the search for a surrogate mother? Intended parents and surrogate mothers have a unique relationship that has the potential to create an amazing experience for both parties. Surrogate mothers and intended parents should be well matched because once a pregnancy is conceived in a Gestational Surrogacy Arrangement, neither party may back out of the surrogacy agreement. Because a good match is necessary for the least stressful surrogacy experience, it is important that intended parents look for important qualities in a potential surrogate mother.

Generally a surrogate should be under the age of 40, have had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy, and have a healthy Body Mass Index (BMI). Surrogates should also maintain a lifestyle free from alcohol abuse, drugs, or smoking. While those requirements are health-related, there are also more personal and emotional attributes that intended parents should consider. A surrogate should have support from friends and family, as well as from her spouse or partner (if applicable). She should also fully understand the medical risks of pregnancy and the emotions that are experienced after carrying and delivering a baby in a surrogate pregnancy. Other factors that can determine whether or not a surrogate is a good match for you are her feelings towards other issues that may arise during the surrogacy process. For example, what are her feelings about carrying multiple fetuses? How many IVF cycles is she willing to undergo? How much contact does she desire to have with the intended parents?

Finding a surrogate who is well-matched to your situation is essential to create the best possible surrogacy arrangement for both you and your surrogate mother. For more information about Florida reproductive law, contact our office to schedule a complimentary surrogacy consultation.