Post-Delivery Health Tips For Birthmothers

Hausmann and Hickman can provide many great resources that guide new parents through the adoption process in Florida. The following blog will provide some tips for a smooth recovery following delivery. Rest, maintaining a balanced diet, and asking for help are three ways to encourage a healthy and quick post-partum recovery.


Following delivery, a significant amount of rest is essential in order to have the body return to its normal state. The pregnancy period and delivery can be stressful and strenuous on the body, and may be more difficult if there are complications during or following the birth of the child. Therefore, it is essential to rest as much as possible during post-partum weeks to allow your body to fully recover from your pregnancy.

Maintaining A Healthy Diet

Choosing to eat healthy meals throughout the postpartum period is crucial. Maintaining a healthy diet is a great way to heal the body. Eating foods such as grains, vegetables, fruits, and protein will help strengthen your body for a smooth recovery. Along with a sufficient diet, everyday physical activity should be included in this new routine – even light exercise or walking may help the healing process, but it is always best to consult with your doctor before engaging in physical activity post-partum.

Receiving Help

Asking a family member or friend for assistance may help with recovery during the postpartum period. Birthmothers should not hesitate to ask for assistance or feel that this a burden on others. Asking other people to prepare meals and assist with household chores can help the birthmother to rest and heal properly. Communicating is also essential during the postpartum period. Emotions can be difficult during these weeks, and communicating with others will provide emotional support for the birth mother.

Following these tips may speed up recovery and ease healing during the postpartum recovery period. Hausman and Hickman P.A. provides legal services and has an extensive network of resources to complete the adoption process in Florida. Call Hausmann and Hickman P.A. today at (877) 682-3403 to speak with one of our qualified representatives.