Intended Parents

Creating Your Child Through Surrogacy

intended parents

If you are struggling with the challenges of infertility and considering your next step, you may w­ant to consider retaining the services of an experienced adoption and reproductive law firm. We are exceptionally qualified to guide you through the process of creating your family through surrogacy. Combining the miracles of modern medicine with emerging trends in Florida adoption and reproductive law, gestational surrogacy, pre-planned adoption and egg, sperm and embryo donation give individuals experiencing infertility the opportunity to parent. We have experience working with various families, including single parents, same-sex couples, and international clients.

intended parentsWe provide professional and qualified legal services through all aspects of the surrogacy process. Whether you have already identified a surrogate mother or you are just beginning the process, we are available to assist you. We have established relationships with many fertility clinics and are able to assist intended parents with locating suitable doctors and surrogate mothers.

If you would like our assistance, please print, complete and return the Intended Parent Application to the right. Once received, our office will contact you to schedule a consultation and discuss your legal needs further. We look forward to meeting and assisting in the creation of your family!