Four Types Of Legal Adoption In Florida

Before prospective adoptive parents begin the process of adoption in Florida, it is essential for them to figure out which type of adoption they would like. The adoption lawyers at Hausmann and Hickman know how complicated the adoption process can be.

We help prospective adoptive parents navigate the adoption process and provide information regarding each option. In the state of Florida, there are four legal types of adoption options available for prospective adoptive parents.

Entity Adoption In Florida

An entity adoption can either be accomplished through an adoption agency or an intermediary/attorney. This type of adoption can be the most complex. Prospective adoptive parents should thoroughly research the entity’s credentials and fully understand the procedures and costs. The attorneys of Hausman & Hickman, P.A., have specialized expertise in adoptions and are Florida Bar Board Certified in adoption.

In the state of  Florida, a home study is required and is conducted by licensed clinical social workers. A home study is done to ensure that the child’s best interests will be served by being placed in a home. Before placing a child in a home, the entity must acquire consent from the biological parents.

Step-parent Adoption In Florida

Step-parent adoption occurs when one of the biological parents is willing to give up parental rights to the step-parent. A home study is not required.

Close Relative Adoption In Florida

Close relative adoption in Florida includes adoption by grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings. Provided the child is related to the petitioning adoptive parents within the third degree of consanguinity, a home study is not required.  

Adult Adoption in Florida

In adult adoptions, adults do not need to get consent from their biological parents, however, notice of the proceedings is required. Some of the common reasons for adopting an adult are:

  • Inheritance purposes
  • Close family bond with the adoptee
  • Step-Parent’s desire to legally adopt his or her spouse’s adult child/ren

Adoption in Florida can be an intricate process. Prospective adoptive parents should utilize board certified adoption lawyers to guide them through state requirements and legal matters. Hausmann and Hickman is a qualified adoption entity available to handle all aspects of your adoption placement. The Florida Bar has recognized the attorneys at Hausmann and Hickman as experts in the field of adoption law. If you are a prospective adoptive parent and are interested in retaining our adoption lawyers, call 561-732-7030 or email [email protected]