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Considering your pregnancy options? We are here to help. Not everyone is ready to become a parent. Private adoption is worth exploring. We are available to answer your questions, help you identify an adoptive family, provide counseling, and assist with expenses. There is no cost to you. Your adoption is confidential and without DCF involvement.

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Financial Assistance

Florida law allows the adoptive family to help with your living expenses (rent, food, utilities, phone, maternity clothing and transportation). We will structure a budget to help relieve your financial pressures during pregnancy and post delivery recovery.


Adoptive Family

Adoption is a personal parenting choice. We encourage each parent to choose their child’s adoptive family. Below are a small number of prospective adoptive parents. We will help you locate the right family for you and your baby.

Select an open, closed or semi-open adoption. Open adoptions provide peace of mind through pictures, letters and possibly visits. Communication allows you to watch your child grow and develop.

Sandra & Ron

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Bree & Michael

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Colleen & Brian

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Sandra & Ron

Thank you for taking the time to get to know us. We are grateful that you are considering us to raise the child that you are expecting and appreciate that you are considering this loving path. Please know that your child will have the brightest of futures with us. Our seaside town is a unique place where it is truly ideal to raise a family and to grow up as a child. We believe in providing your child with every educational and developmental opportunity balanced with fun and variety. Our families are tight-knit and so supportive of our plans to adopt a second child. Both future siblings will get to share this bond. And your child will immediately gain a lifelong, sweet-mannered and energetic older brother!

Our marriage is long enduring. Sandra is naturally maternal, joyful and full of energy. A nurturer, she makes everyone feel special. Ron is gentle in nature and kind and patient. He relishes playing endless games and reading books over and over again to a child’s content. Our immediate family is made up of Ron and Sandra and our two-year old son who also joined our family through the beauty of adoption, and our sweet long haired lab. Our extended families live no more than 10 minutes away and that includes three darling cousins who are always ready to play. Our family members all have a playful spirit and a sense of adventure which makes travel, outdoor activities
and the beach life a natural part of our lives. Our quiet seaside area remains charming and safe and very much home to both of us. Our home is close to great schools and nearby parks and Orlando parks are near.

We hope to share this quality of life if we have the opportunity. Thanks to the support that we have from our family and our community, we’ve been able to build a loving, welcoming and lasting home. We offer your child the stability of our strong marriage and that we will be loving parents and providers.

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Bree & Michael

Hello! We are Bree and Michael. Thank you for taking the time to get to know our family. We are excited about becoming parents and also thank you for considering us in your adoption plan.

Michael and I have been a couple for 5 years and have been married for 2 years this coming September. We met on a blind date in July of 2012 and the rest is history. Our family includes the 2 of us and my sister. We all live in a home we bought recently in a small suburb of Boston.

Both Michael and I have very close knit families. My family lives north of Boston but we see my sister, grandmother aunts and uncles often. If I am not visiting, we talk on the phone every day. Michael’s parents live about 5 minutes away and we see them almost every day. At least once a month I like to get both sides of our family together for dinner.

Michael was adopted into his family and we are hoping to add a child to our family doing the same thing. It was such a positive experience for his family that we are excited to be doing it ourselves.

We are excited to be going through this process. The child that becomes part of our family will be loved unconditionally by many people. Our families are also excited to be part of this process with us. We hope that this gives you a glimpse of what our family is all about. Thank you for taking to read our profile.

Bree and Michael

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Brooke & Mike

THANK YOU! We truly appreciate your consideration of allowing us to parent your amazing child. Life is full of wonders and uncertainties and we are grateful and humbled by what we can only imagine is a very difficult decision.

We always knew that we wanted to be parents; however giving birth to a baby has never been as important to us as giving love to a child. We have had the chance to meet with many people who have been touched by adoption and have learned how important support, honesty and trust are throughout the adoption journey, in finding the right match. Your thoughts and feelings are important to us and we will do our very best to honor them.

We cherish our time together as a couple.

We have a strong foundation and cannot wait to include your child in our adventures as we grow our family.

We have attached our adoption profile, please take a look through.

Best wishes, Mike and Brooke

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Colleen & Brian

We are Brian and Colleen, a fun loving and adventurous couple living in the South. We can’t imagine what it feels like to be looking through different family profiles as you consider adoption. So, thank you for taking the time to look at ours. We are grateful for the courageous and selfless act that you are making. Colleen and Brian 3

We met playing ultimate Frisbee, and we have been married for 8 years. We are best friends and have a profound love and respect for one another.

After several years of trying unsuccessfully to conceive of a child on our own, we are so excited about starting our family through adoption. If you choose us we promise to ColleenBrian2provide a warm and stable home full of love and laughter.

We invite you to check out our profile and learn a little more about us. Although it’s not easy to sum up who we are in a few pages, we tried our best. We hope we have the opportunity to meet you, to learn more about you, and to answer any questions that you might have. All of our best wishes to you!

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Emily and Ryan


Thank you so much for allowing us to introduce ourselves to you. We are Emily and Ryan. We truly hope this is the beginning of our journey to get to know you and your precious child. We have tremendous respect for you, and realize this must be an extremely difficult decision. Know that we feel humbled by the possibility of welcoming your special baby into our home.

We both come from very close families and have so much love to give.

We have the good fortune of both having very solid and flexible careers and could not be more excited and ready to add a little person to our fun filled household. We say this because our home is welcoming, cozy, filled with a lot of laughter, and a few furry friends.

We have waited quite a while as some genetic issues just wont allow for us to have our own children, and we desperately want them. We know that your baby will be forever loved, nurtured, and taught to be the best person they can be if you decide to consider us as your adoptive parents.

We hope you will get to know us better by looking at our profile book and clicking on our attached bio.

Wishing you the very best,

Emily and Ryan

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Dear Expectant Mommy,

Hi! My name is Tracy and I live in Georgia. I am so thankful that you are reading my profile and considering me for the mommy to be. I know your decision to place your baby for adoption is probably the hardest decision that you have ever made in your life and that you are doing it out of pure love. I promise you your baby will know that too.

Life rarely works out the way we think it will. For me life threw me a curve ball but through it all I have become stronger. I don’t see it as unfortunate that I never birthed children but rather by God’s design.

If you choose me I can promise you that I will raise this precious gift attentively with unconditional love and will be completely committed to their personhood – always thinking of what is best for them and nurturing them to be all they can possibly be. They will be raised as givers and people who contribute positively to society and seek to make a difference.

I hope you will read my profile and I pray for God to show you and to give you perfect peace of your choice of placement. (And thank you for choosing life!)

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Tiffany & Josh

Hello, from Central Illinois! Home of the Chicago Cubs, the ever famous Cloud Gate Bean Sculpture, the Willis Tower and our little family of four!

We are Josh and Tiffany and we would love to introduce you to our boys Miles and Ford as well!

First though, we have to say thank you for stopping by and checking out our profile! We are over the moon excited to share our story with you in hopes that one day our world’s may collide.

Josh is a Board Certified Dermatologist by day and super dad by night. There is not a hobby in the world this man will not try, but some of his favorites include skiing, golfing or pick up basketball. However his most favorite activities are those our boys can do with him! He has quite the music collection and swears he will never part with his old CD’s from high school. He digs live music and appreciates a solid jazz club. With 14 years of Military experience behind him, he is as loyal and loving as they come. Ten years ago he said “I do” at the alter to one very lucky lady and we have created one magical life together!

Tiffany is a former Special Education Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. In 2016, she decided to really put her degree to the test and converted roles to a Stay at Home Mom. She is always cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, loves to walk or bike around our town and is super competitive at family game night! She loves Broadway musicals and singing embarrassingly loud to herself in the car!

Miles, is six and currently a first grader at a small school in town. He is quirky and handsome and will melt your heart with his one tooth missing smile and with a little luck, impeccable manners. He is a big reader and loves to explore the wilderness. Boy Scouts, Karate, basketball and countless hours spent going off the diving boards are just a few of his interests.

Last and maybe the sweetest babe you have ever laid eyes on is our little Ford. Ford is not named after a Truck like so many suspect, but rather a family name passed down. Through the miracle of adoption, Ford joined our family in 2016 and is the perfect addition for this now, family of four. He is super smiley and very laid back, yet the pickiest eater you will ever meet! He loves animals, fresh air and the pool! He is stubborn and independent but is ever so snuggly.
We have one pretty amazing family and would love to share our hearts and home with another little miracle. We have an endless amount of love to give and so appreciate your time getting to know us virtually! As adoption is part of who we are, we have a personal understanding of the trials and great satisfaction that it can bring. We are giddy with excitement to imagine just what the next step holds for our family and would be honored for you to become part of our future.

Thank you again for your incredibly selfless act of helping a family find their “Happily ever after ending”. We would be forever grateful if it were ours.
All our love and wishing you only the best,
Josh and Tiffany

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Amanda & Shawn

Thank you for imagining we might be just who you want to adopt your baby. We are Shawn & Amanda, we started dating 17 years ago. We have been married for six years. Currently, our family consists of our dog Jax and our cat Tibbers. We have known for years that our family and home was not complete. We struggled for five years to conceive on our own. It would just be a dream to finally add another branch to our family.

The little baby growing in your belly is already everything that we need to make our hearts complete.

We know that we will not be perfect, and that we have a lot to learn, but our love will be endless along with our support. Both Shawn and I promise to support every dream our child has, and to be there to pick them up every time they fall.

We live in Palm Beach County Florida in a family oriented community with A rated schools. This was important to us when selecting where we would raise our child.

In our spare time we enjoy road trips, working out, gardening, and being with friends and family. Shawn’s family lives close by and are excited about welcoming a new baby into the family. Amanda‘s family lives out of state but are thrilled to know that they will have another grandchild in their lives.

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Stephanie & Jason

Hello! We are Stephanie and Jason and we believe in the power of love. Love makes life wonderful, love heals us all, and between the two of us, we have so much love to give to your child. We believe that a solid relationship with God and with each other has brought us to this place and we are so ready to share our love as adoptive parents of your child. Thank you for taking the time to take a closer look at our profile.

We have been married for five years and in total, have been together for a little more than 11 years. For about the past 4 years, we have been feeling a strong desire to start our family and yet, that has not happened. We have both been checked multiple times by doctors and seem to be in excellent health. The only explanation for us not getting pregnant yet is that God has a different path for us…adoption. We are so excited for this journey and have so much space in our lives for a child. We know that we can love your child unconditionally.

We enjoy our life to the fullest and are best friends! Living in South Florida, we maintain a super active lifestyle—Stephanie participating in several half marathons each year and Jason competing in triathlons.

Since Stephanie runs her own business as a Certified Health Coach, our household is very wellness-oriented and based in many holistic practices. We also love traveling, taking several weekend trips and one or two longer vacations each year. We enjoy exploring new places and savoring in the comfort of more local Florida destinations where we go repeatedly.

We cannot begin to imagine what you’re going through right now. Just know that we are praying for your peace and power to make the best decisions for yourself and your baby. Please feel free to learn more about us by checking out our profile.

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Supportive Counseling

Whether you have shared your pregnancy and adoption plan with your friends and family, or are keeping it to yourself, private counseling is helpful. We work with experienced and independent counselors to support you through your adoption journey.