Five Advantages to an Unplanned Pregnancy

Adoption & Surrogacy has worked with hundreds of mothers who have faced an unplanned pregnancy. Although every woman experiences a slightly different journey, there is always something that brings light to this stressful life event. Women often experience a range of emotions from depression and anxiety to gratefulness and hope. The many options and resources offered to women in today’s society reveal some of the advantages of an unplanned pregnancy.

Experience The Miracle Of Birth

A common but true saying for having a child is “there is no right time”. When an unplanned pregnancy happens, it gives a woman the opportunity to experience the miracle of birth. Even if the child is ultimately placed through adoption, the pregnancy is still an eye-opening and miraculous experience for many. The gift of life is the greatest gift a woman can give.

The Best Excuse Ever

For women who are looking for an excuse to get out of plans, pregnancy will be amazing. Morning sickness and sore feet are just a few of the excuses that can be used to avoid attending another lousy family gathering. Even though many women don’t experience these symptoms at all through their pregnancy, no one else has to know whether you really are. No one questions a pregnant woman when they say they won’t be able to make it to an event. Those 9 months can among be the most relaxing and flexible months of a woman’s life.

Become More Disciplined

Pregnancy is a great opportunity for a woman to become more disciplined in their health and in their day-to-day lives. Find the motivation to eat correctly every day, get enough sleep, and exercise regularly is a struggle for many women. Growing a baby is the perfect motivation for a woman to treat her body the way it deserves to be treated. By eating balanced meals and getting the recommended amount of sleep, both the baby and the birth mother will benefit.

Develop Healthy Skin & Nails

Another incredible advantage that comes with an unplanned pregnancy is the healthy hair, skin, and nails. The healthy “glow” that is associated with pregnancy is not a myth. The hormones that come with pregnancy will clear up acne and make a woman’s skin look brighter and healthier. The prenatal vitamins also include ingredients such as biotin which strengthen nails and hair. Pregnant women usually see their hair and nails growing out faster and stronger when they take the recommended supplements.

Adoption Options

An unplanned pregnancy, in its nature, does not always happen under the best circumstances. In cases where the birth mother does not feel that they will be able to raise the child, an adoption is a loving option for both the child and an adoptive family. Thousands of individuals and families across the country are waiting for the opportunity to adopt a child. An unplanned pregnancy can be an opportunity to give an amazing gift to a loving family just waiting to be paired. Adoption is a selfless and beautiful process that creates happy families.

Women facing an unplanned pregnancy should know that there are silver linings to any situation. Embracing the many advantages of an unplanned pregnancy can make it easier to process the big news. For women looking to place their child through private adoption, Hausmann & Hickman can help. Contact the Adoption & Surrogacy professionals at (877)682-3403.