Financial Assistance Options For Birth Mothers

Florida adoption law allows birth mothers to receive financial support during pregnancy and for a period following delivery. Many birth mothers receive assistance with various expenses such as rent, groceries, and utilities that may be hard to afford due to difficulty working during pregnancy. Private adoption attorneys such as Hausmann & Hickman work with birthmothers to establish a budget that will help ease the burden of expenses during pregnancy. While working with an adoption agency or attorney, birth mothers may also receive counseling and legal services that are covered through the adoption process.

Financial Assistance Options For Birth Mothers:

Medical Expenses Assistance

Medical expenses can become a burden during and after a pregnancy. Birth mothers need to visit a physician regularly in order to receive prenatal care before adoption. Many birthmothers are eligible for Medicaid which will cover expenses of a pregnancy. Hausmann & Hickman assists birthmothers in obtaining coverage for their medical expenses during pregnancy and delivery, which may help reduce the stress of co-pays and medical expenses of prenatal care, resulting in a healthier and happier pregnancy.

Living Expenses Assistance

Birth mothers also may receive housing financial assistance as well as assistance with costs of living. This may include assistance paying rent for an apartment or transportation. Other covered living expenses may include groceries, utilities, and phone services, depending on the birthmother’s needs. State, federal, and local laws determine the amount of financial assistance that a birth mother can receive.

Counseling Services  

Placing a child for adoption can be a very emotionally difficult process. Speaking to a professional counselor may be a great resource for a birthmother to work through her thoughts and emotions during and after placing her child for adoption. Hausmann & Hickman works with several experienced counselors who can help provide support at no cost to the birthmother during the adoption process.

Legal Assistance

During the adoption process, it is crucial for a birthmother to understand her legal rights and the full agreement made during the adoption process. Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. can provide referrals for legal services for the birth mother during the adoption process with little to no cost to the birth mother.

Hausmann and Hickman P.A. can help birth mothers with financial needs, counseling needs, and legal assistance. If you are considering placing your child for adoption, call Hausmann & Hickman P.A. today at (877) 682-3403 or text (561) 777-3320 to speak with one of our qualified representatives.