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Lindsey & Gabe

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Hey there we are Lindsey & Gabe from a quaint little town in South Carolina. We have been together for 18 years, and happily married for 5. Lindsey is a nurse practitioner and Gabe is a small business owner. We are a fun loving couple who loves to travel. Gabe’s interests include all sports and wildlife. Lindsey enjoys reading and has a large social group of friends. We also have a large extended family who are very excited about us growing our family. Our support system is strong and everlasting.  We have always known we want to be parents and long for our chance.

If we are lucky enough to be chosen please know your child will grow up in a loving, safe home surrounded by a large group of extended family and friends. We cannot imagine the emotions you are currently feeling right now.  Please know we are here to support you as well if you would like.