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Kelli & Adam

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Words cannot describe how grateful we are that you are taking the time to read our profile. We do not know your circumstances, but we recognize the incredibly brave decision you are considering. We promise to give your precious child a safe, happy, loving home, and a life filled with every opportunity possible!
THIS IS OUR STORY…Adam and I were high school sweethearts and have been married for 12.5 years! I am a doctor and my amazing husband is a farmer. We joke that our life together is a cool combination of city and country! Our son, Luke, is 7. For fun, we love to vacation at the beach, experience life at our farm, explore new cities, and enjoy all things outdoors – biking, hiking, horseback riding, skiing, and more! We also enjoy just hanging out with family and friends.
Our home sits on 29 acres, and we love our huge backyard! We do homework together each night, we make fun scavenger hunts in our backyard for neighborhood kids, we go to children’s museums & the theater, we make homemade play-dough, we read bedtime stories…you get the idea!! Neighborhood kids enjoy riding bikes and scooters on our long paved driveway or meeting up to play basketball at our shed. Luke and his friends help me plant vegetables in our garden and take home fresh eggs from our chicken coop. Our 5 year old yellow lab, Charlie, is wonderful with kids, chickens, and our kittens!
Adam and I have flexible work hours, and family is our priority. We are financially secure. Our son’s college account is fully funded, and we’ve already set aside money to do the same for your child. We live in a wonderful small town outside a larger college community filled with diversity, culture, and family events. We enjoy the safety and ease of small town living and also the conveniences of larger nearby cities. We chose this community because of the opportunities provided by the public school district which is consistently ranked among the top in our state.
WHY WE ARE ADOPTING…Adam and I believe that everything happens for a reason, and it is no accident that you are reading this today! We want to spend our lives loving your child, but even if you don’t choose us – we want you to experience an incredible sense of peace, hope, energy, and joy with whatever decision you make. We have always dreamed of a big family, however, we have struggled with infertility for several years. This journey has allowed us to grow and realize that our hearts’ desire is to fulfill that dream through adoption. Our family has embraced adoption for many years as several of our friends and relatives have adopted children from different races and cultures. We feel so fortunate to have their valuable expertise throughout this journey – from both the kid and adult perspective!
BEFORE YOU GO… We want you to know that we will listen to your wishes & honor you in everything we do. We will encourage your child to forge their own path, teach them to be brave, and follow their dreams. We will raise your child in a stable home surrounded by friends, family, faith, unconditional support & incredible love. We hope you find strength, confidence, & peace with whatever decision you make!
– Adam & Kelli