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Elyce & Joe

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Hello!  We are Elyce and Joe.  Thank you for taking time to read about us.  We do not know each other yet, but we have so much respect and care for you already.  Whatever place you are in, we know you are so strong and selfless and courageous.  We will always think of you this way as the years go by.

We’re so grateful for the ways that adoption has already changed our lives for the better!  Our daughter, Annika, came home to us in 2020 and has filled our lives with fun and joy and love.  We are forever grateful to her birth mom for entrusting us with her.

As a family of 3, we love to visit with family and friends, explore our city, and spend time outdoors. We are very active as a couple and a family. We both come from big families (Elyce is the oldest of 6 and Joe is one of 4). Each side of our family is full or people excited to welcome another child to the family!

We truly believe that a relationship with biological family is so powerful and we want that for our children when possible.  Our hope is for our children to experience love from us as well as from their biological family throughout life.  We have a close connection with Annika’s birth mother.  We text regularly, sending pictures and stories.  We also see her often in person.  She is part of our family.  We would be happy to do the same with you as well.  We would love to stay in touch with you through calls, texts, and visits.

We want you to know that you are in our minds and prayers.  We hope you find clarity and peace during this time and into the future.