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Brittany & Drew

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Before we even met each other, we each had a desire to adopt children. After we got married (ten years ago), those individual desires were confirmed and began to grow as we settled and began our life together. Our longing as hopeful-adoptive parents is to share our home, hospitality, and love with a child. We believe that all children are worthy of respect and dignity, and we are committed to showing that to our children.
We are active in our church, love teaching at our local university, and enjoy hanging out with friends and spending quiet nights at home. We spend our free time out in the yard, going for runs, reading, and watching TV and movies. We’re avid coffee drinkers, moderate foodies, and aspiring chefs. We have two children; our son, Owen, is almost 6 and our daughter, Afton, is 3. They love playing at the beach, painting, and dressing up. We happily imagine a new baby fitting right into these aspects of our lives: in our home, playing at the beach or going for a run in the jogging stroller, and eating meals together (it’ll be a long time before we drink coffee together!), as well as spending time with our friends and church community.

We deeply value the expression of love and generosity that is embodied by every person involved in the adoption process: birth parents, children, and adoptive parents. We are so looking forward to our family growing in size!