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Alex & Ricardo

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We’re Ricardo and Alex and we’re so honored and humbled that you’re taking a look at our profile.

We met in the most natural of settings: Match.com! It didn’t take long after we “matched” when we went on our first date and till this day we always return to the same restaurant we met at on our anniversary. We’ve been together for almost 14 years and live in West Palm Beach, FL. Both of us have family in South Florida and get to see them frequently. Since the day we met family has always been an important priority for us and two and half years ago we were blessed with our son. HE’S ADDED SO MUCH EXCITEMENT, HUMOR, AND LOVE TO OUR FAMILY. We hope and wish that he now can have a sibling to share in the same happiness that we’ve had the greatest honor of providing as dads.

We can only imagine that the decision you have made to move forward with adoption is not an easy one to make. And yet we hope after you learn more about us that you’ll see the amount of love and support we are ready to give to your child. We can’t wait for this next “match” in our lives.

With love & gratitude,

Ricardo & Alex