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Can I Make an Adoption Plan for My Baby After Birth?

If you are pregnant and considering placing your child for adoption, we are here to assist. As experts in Florida adoption law, Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. can help you navigate the complexities of the adoption process, answer your questions and provide support and guidance along the way.

When considering an adoption placement, parents frequently ask whether they can make an adoption plan after their baby’s birth.  This answer is YES.   Every woman’s situation is unique, and we understand that making decisions about an adoption placement of your child may not always align with the expected timelines.  We encourage every parent to take their time to fully consider their options and only proceed with an adoption plan when they are certain an adoption placement is the best decision for them and their baby.

Whether you are well into your pregnancy, in the hospital after delivery, or taking care of your newborn at home, it is never too late to ask questions and seek professional advice. We are here to reassure you that Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. is committed to helping you find the best possible future for both you and your baby, regardless of your decision.

Can I Create an Adoption Plan After My Baby is Born?

The answer to this important question is a definitive yes. While many birth mothers elect to establish an adoption plan during pregnancy, some women decide on adoption after the birth of their child. A decision to start an adoption plan after their child’s birth may happen for a variety of reasons, and it is essential to know that there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to adoption.

Post-birth adoption plans are not uncommon. Many times, the hospital environment following delivery can provide a birth mother time to reflect and provide her the space and time needed to weigh her options and make a decision that she believes are best for her and her child. In other circumstances, a mother may decide to take the baby home before she realizes over time that she is not prepared or able to provide the kind of life she wants for her child. In these situations, a post-birth adoption is an option and positive parenting decision that will ensure a child’s future well-being consistent with the hopes and dreams that a birth mother has for her child.

It is also important to understand that starting an adoption plan after your child’s birth doesn’t require you to rush through the process or take the time you need to assure you have made all the best decisions for your child.  Birth mothers who start this process post-birth are given the same consideration, care, and time to make informed decisions. It may seem overwhelming at first, but remember that adoption agencies and professionals such as Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. are there to guide and support you through each step of the process.

Please be assured that adoption is not an option that closes once your baby is born. Rather, adoption always remains a viable, loving, and selfless option for birth mothers who decides this path is the right parenting decision for their child.

Is an Adoption Plan Important?

An adoption plan empowers a birth mothers to take control of her adoption process. An adoption plan is an invaluable roadmap that enables you to make decisions about your baby’s future based on your preferences, values, and wishes. So, yes, having an adoption plan is not only important—it’s essential.

The adoption plan allows you to choose the type of adoption you desire—be it open, semi-open, or private. This choice can dictate the level of contact you’ll maintain with your baby and the adoptive family, from regular visits and updates to no contact at all. The decisions are yours.

When making an adoption plan, you will handpick the adoptive family and specify preferences about the family’s background, values, lifestyle, other children, and even pets. You can meet potential families, ask questions, and choose the family that feels right for your child. This is perhaps one of the most empowering aspects of the adoption plan—it gives you a say in the kind of environment and upbringing your baby will have.

By selecting an open or semi-open adoption plan, you are able to establish post-placement contact agreements, detailing the type and frequency of updates or visits you’d like to have with your child and the adoptive family. The plan isn’t set in stone and can change over time based on the comfort level and agreement of all parties involved. It serves as a guide that ensures your baby’s adoption aligns with your vision and comfort level.

Interested in Learning More?

If you’re curious to know more about creating an adoption plan or if you have any other adoption-related questions, the expert Florida adoption attorneys at Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. are here to help. We understand that this is a significant decision and we want to provide you with all the information you need to make the best choice for you and your baby.

We want to assure you that any conversation with us will be strictly confidential and private. Our primary goal is to provide a supportive, non-judgmental space for you to explore your options. Our team is experienced and empathetic, committed to helping you navigate the adoption journey with the utmost care and professionalism.

Adoption is an act of love, and every journey is unique. Whether you’re considering making an adoption plan now or have questions about the process in the future, Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. is available to help you. Reach out to us today, and let’s take the next steps in this journey together.