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Can I Choose the Family that Adopts My Baby?

At Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., we strongly encourage every birth mother to choose the adoptive parents for their baby.  The decision to place your baby for adoption is an incredibly emotional and complex journey.  Our team of adoption specialists work hard to provide a supportive environment.  All parents considering adoption possess a deep level of care and concern for their child’s well-being and they need assistance and resources to help them make the best decisions for their child’s future.  In this blog, we will shed light on this very important question and offer details that can inform birth mothers when making decisions.

Am I Able to Choose the Adoptive Parents of My Child?

Yes, all birth parents working with Hausmann & Hickman have the essential right to choose the parents who will adopt their child. A significant component of our program is a birth parent’s ability to create their own adoption plan. At the center of each individual adoption plan is the selection of adoptive parents and decisions regarding the role adoptive parents will have during the pregnancy, birth, and initial hours of your child’s life.  This is your pregnancy, your baby, and your adoption plan.

By choosing the adoptive family for your baby, you can pick the parents that you believe are the best fit for you and your child.  We will provide information about all members of each prospective family and an extensive description of the life they will offer your child.  You can request to review family profiles that meet your specific preferences such as: age; religion; state of residence; and child care arrangements (including whether one parent will stay home full time with their child).  Our team will always respect your wishes and will work hard to help you find the right family.

Your involvement with your selective adoptive family does not end once you make this important decision, we encourage all birth parents to meet their selected adoptive family in person or through video chat.  Our extensive experience has taught us that birth mothers acquire a greater sense of confidence in their adoption plan when they establish a relationship with the adoptive parents.  A relationship between birth and adoptive parents is positive for the child and provides a comfortable foundation for post adoption communication.  Our team will assist in coordinating all the details and can accompany you during your meeting with the adoptive family.

All our adoptive parents are committed to sharing photos and update letters demonstrating your child’s growth and development over the years and some will participate in visits.  You make the decision on how you will connect with your adoptive family and whether you maintain a relationship after your child’s placement.  Your comfort and peace of mind is the most important consideration.

Reasons Why a Birth Mother May Want to Choose Her Child’s Adoptive Parents

Selecting your child’s adoptive parents can provide a sense of comfort and control in an emotional and often stressful time. The choice allows you to influence the environment your child will grow up in, ensuring that it aligns with your values, cultural background, or religious beliefs. This feeling of control can alleviate some of the emotional strain that accompanies the adoption process, offering you peace of mind that your child’s well-being is being considered in a way that mirrors your own ideals.

The ability to choose the adoptive family also gives you the chance to form a meaningful bond with that family before you place your child for adoption. This connection can offer an invaluable source of reassurance and emotional support, both during the adoption process and beyond. Knowing who will raise your child can make the transition easier for everyone involved. It may also pave the way for a more open or semi-open adoption, should that be your wish, fostering a lasting relationship between you, the adoptive family, and potentially even your child.

Lastly, selecting the adoptive parents empowers you as a birth mother. This empowerment can be especially significant given that the decision to place a child for adoption often comes during a period of vulnerability and uncertainty. Having the ability to shape your child’s future by picking a loving and suitable family can provide you with a sense of purpose and agency, helping you to navigate the emotional complexities that come with the adoption process.

What Are Some of the Other Benefits of an Adoption Plan?

Aside from choosing the adoptive family, creating an adoption plan offers several other advantages. Firstly, it allows you to decide the nature of the adoption—be it open, semi-open, or closed. An open adoption, for example, would enable ongoing communication with your child and the adoptive family, whereas a closed adoption would involve limited or no contact. Through an adoption plan you can also stipulate the frequency and types of updates you would like to receive about your child, whether that is through photos, letters, or occasional visits.

An adoption plan provides you with the opportunity to outline your preferences for your child’s upbringing, including educational aspirations and cultural influences. The plan also helps the adoptive family understand your wishes clearly, making for a smoother journey for all parties involved.

Interested in Learning More?

If you are pregnant and considering adoption as an alternative to raising your baby, the Florida adoption attorneys at Hausmann & Hickman would be honored to assist you. We are here to answer all your questions and guide you through this intricate process. We understand that each adoption journey is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your individual needs. Should you decide to place your baby for adoption, know that we will be by your side to help you navigate through each step, ensuring that your experience is as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.