Birth Mother Options and Alternatives

An unplanned pregnancy can leave women in a difficult position. They may feel that there are not many options available to them. One consideration for women that are dealing with an unplanned pregnancy is to give up the baby for adoption. Statistics indicate that in the United States of America, 135,000 children get adopted every year! Individual situations and conditions may force birth mothers to give up the baby to provide them the best possible home and situation. During such times, private adoption may be a viable option for a baby. Adoption gives hope and the opportunity in a supportive and caring environment for the baby. Depending on the situation, alternative options may be a great option for the baby. There are many options for birth mothers, which may help reduce feelings of anxiety or worry.

Reasons for Giving Up My Baby for Adoption

Birth mothers that place their baby for adoption have the right to choose this option for their child for many reasons, which may include:

  • Finances
  • Lack of support
  • Continuing education
  • Not ready to be a parent

You might ask: What rights and choices do I have in placing my baby for adoption?

  • Involvement in the entire adoption process
  • Choose and meet a perfect adoptive family
  • Treated with respect and compassion
  • Receive support and counseling

If I Give Up My Baby For Adoption, Have I Abandoned Him/Her?

Adoption involves choosing a suitable family for a child when the birth mother is not currently in the best position to take care and provide for the baby. This does not mean she is abandoning the baby. In fact, the opposite is true: birth mothers ultimately want to provide a better life for their child. Adoption can provide a better life for the baby as the birth mother can choose a stable and loving family that they desire for their child.

In regard to adoption, there are different types of adoption available:

1.Open Adoption

Placing the baby for adoption under this plan means that the child can be visited in the future. The opportunity of choosing the adoptive family and meeting them is possible with open adoption.

2. Semi-Open Adoption

Placing the baby under this option requires the agency or attorney to handle contact and communication. Birth mothers may choose to meet the adoptive family if desired. The adoptive family can provide updates on the child’s progress through letters and photos. Gifts can also be sent and arranged between the birth mother, adoptive family, and baby. This option is flexible in its arrangement based on what is desired by the birth mother for her child’s future.

3. Closed or Confidential Adoption

Under this method, placing the baby will mean no contact after the baby gets placed. The opportunity to choose and even meet the adoptive parents that will raise the baby is not usually permitted. After the adoption process, meetings and contact with the baby and adoptive parents end. Although many adoptions used to be closed, open and semi-open adoptions are much more common today.

Choosing adoption provides an option that can suit the birth mother and baby. Through this process, the birth mother has the opportunity to stay in contact with the adoptive family as the child grows up.

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