Become A Surrogate Mother

become a surrogateWe provide a full range of surrogate services and resources and have extensive experience matching prospective surrogate mothers with intended parents. As a surrogate mother, you have a wonderful opportunity to help a family’s dreams of a biological child come true. If you are healthy, mature and have experienced prior healthy pregnancies with ease and enjoyment, you may be the perfect match for a family searching for a surrogate mother.

As a surrogate mother you have the opportunity to meet and approve the Intended Parents for whom you will carry a child.  Florida Law permits you to receive full compensation for living and medical expenses during your pregnancy and the postpartum period­­­.

become a surrogateMost intended parents are looking for a gestational surrogate who has enjoyed a non-complicated pregnancy, has no significant health issues and is between the ages of twenty and forty. Your access to private health insurance without a surrogacy exclusion is preferred. Reimbursement for medical insurance and any uncovered medical expense is paid for by the intended parents. If you are looking to become a surrogate mother, or if you would like to learn more about surrogacy in Florida, visit our Frequently Asked Surrogacy Questions page or contact our office for more information about surrogacy and reproductive law in Florida.