"My name is Danae and I was already a mother of 3 when I became pregnant again. I wasn't married and I didn't know what I was going to do. I only knew that I couldn't have an abortion. Shortly after meeting Michelle and doing all of the paperwork, she called and told me of a young couple who had tried for 8 years to get pregnant.

I think I knew within the first ten minutes that the child I was carrying was meant to be theirs...they were so much in love, and I could just tell that they would be good parents. I was so happy to be having a baby for such loving people. I couldn't wait to have the baby just so I could give it to them and see their faces!

It has been nine months since Adam was born, and we still keep in touch. I know we will always be a part of their life. I will be able to find out how Adam is doing from a distance, and that's just fine with me.

I did a good thing...yes, I did. Any you can too. This experience has been the greatest random act of kindness that I could ever do for somebody. There's no feeling like the one I had giving Adam to them, really."