Mark & Annette

"We retained Amy after our adoption placement (made by another agency) became contested. Having no legal knowledge of how adoptions worked, it was a relief to have Amy walk us through every painful step. She worked diligently at times I would have never expected, including conducting depositions on her own daughter's birthday and through the grieving of the sudden loss of her mother. Never once was there an excuse and she was always one step or more ahead of any opposition. To say she is an expert in her field is an understatement! She would always make sure that we were "ok" mentally with the horrific ordeal we were facing and that she never expected us to take time away from our baby. She never laughed at any of my husband's absurd questions which was a huge plus. 

I am proud to say that we have made a friend for life by hiring Amy Hickman and would recommend her 100%. Our 16 month journey would not have been as tolerable without her. It was fate she was brought to our family. I honestly can say I miss talking with her every single day."