Dear Expectant Mommy,

Hi!  My name is Tracy and I live in Georgia.  I am so thankful that you are reading my profile and considering me for the mommy to be.  I know your decision to place your baby for adoption is probably the hardest decision that you have ever made in your life and that you are doing it out of pure love.  I promise you your baby will know that too.

Life rarely works out the way we think it will. For me life threw me a curve ball but through it all I have become stronger. I don’t see it as unfortunate that I never birthed children but rather by God’s design.

If you choose me I can promise you that I will raise this precious gift attentively with unconditional love and will be completely committed to their personhood – always thinking of what is best for them and nurturing them to be all they can possibly be. They will be raised as givers and people who contribute positively to society and seek to make a difference.

I hope you will read my profile and I pray for God to show you and to give you perfect peace of your choice of placement.  (And thank you for choosing life!)