Tiffany & Josh

Hello, from Central Illinois! Home of the Chicago Cubs, the ever famous Cloud Gate Bean Sculpture, the Willis Tower and our little family of four!
We are Josh and Tiffany and we would love to introduce you to our boys Miles and Ford as well!
First though, we have to say thank you for stopping by and checking out our profile! We  are over the moon excited to share our story with you in hopes that one day our world’s may collide.
Josh is a Board Certified Dermatologist by day and super dad by night. There is not a hobby in the world this man will not try, but some of his favorites include skiing, golfing or pick up basketball.  However his most favorite activities are those our boys can do with him!  He has quite the music collection and swears he will never part with his old CD’s from high school. He digs live music and appreciates a solid jazz club.  With 14 years of Military experience behind him, he is as loyal and loving as they come.  Ten years ago he said “I do”  at the alter to one very lucky lady and we have created one magical life together!
Tiffany is a former Special Education Teacher with 10 years of teaching experience. In 2016, she decided to really put her degree to the test and converted roles to a Stay at Home Mom. She is always cooking up new recipes in the kitchen, loves to walk or bike around our town and is super competitive at family game night!  She loves  Broadway musicals and singing embarrassingly loud to herself in the car!
Miles, is six and currently a first grader at a small school in town. He is quirky and handsome and will melt your heart with his one tooth missing smile and with a little luck, impeccable manners. He is a big reader and loves to explore the wilderness. Boy Scouts, Karate, basketball and countless hours spent going off the diving boards are just a few of his interests.
Last and maybe the sweetest babe you have ever laid eyes on is our little Ford. Ford is not named after a Truck like so many suspect, but rather a family name passed down. Through the miracle of adoption, Ford joined our family in 2016 and is the perfect addition for this now, family of four. He is super smiley and very laid back, yet the pickiest eater you will ever meet! He loves animals, fresh air and the pool! He is stubborn and independent but is ever so snuggly.
We have one pretty amazing family and would love to share our hearts and home with another little miracle. We have an endless amount of love to give and so appreciate your time getting to know us virtually! As adoption is part of who we are, we have a personal understanding of the trials and great satisfaction that it can bring. We are giddy with excitement to imagine just what the next step holds for our family and would be honored for you to become part of our future.
Thank you again for your incredibly selfless act of helping a family find their “Happily ever after ending”. We would be forever grateful if it were ours.
All our love and wishing you only the best,
Josh and Tiffany