Tara & Frank

We are so grateful for you taking the time to consider us as adoptive parents.  The child you are bringing into the world deserves the best life and we promise to do everything we can to fulfill that wish.

We are Tara and Frank… we have been together for 11 years, married for six, and we have been having fun every moment!  Our friends describe us as loving, thoughtful, and adventurous.  We are always planning our next trip, whether it be to another city or another country. We look forward to having a child so we can share our sense of adventure, culture, and exploration.

We live in South Florida and can think of no better place to raise a child.  We live by spectacular schools, pleasing parks, and the beautiful beach.  Both of our families live in the area and they, along with our friends, are ready to provide so much love to a little one.


We know you are faced with a tough decision and have confidence you will make the best choice for your child.  We do hope you will take a look at our profile book and consider us for the very special honor of becoming a parent to the life you brought into the world.