Christine & Todd

We are Todd, Christine and Remington.  We are a family of three hoping to be four.  But more than that, we deeply desire to adopt again as we’ve experienced first hand the absolute miracle of adoption through our son, Remington, three years ago.  Todd and I have been married for eight years, and we love each other very much.  We were scared to become parents, I’m not gonna lie, walking into the great unknown, as we were unable to get pregnant and start a family outside of adoption, but we LOVE being parents.   We have wonderful families on both sides that are very involved and supportive in our lives.  We also have a large group of close friends, a fun, charming neighborhood in whom we know everyone on our block very well, and we attend a welcoming, diverse church.  This is but some of what forms the fabric of our community, and we live close to just about everything…a bustling downtown,Disney World, lakes, parks, excellent schools, and we’re not too far from the beach.  We’re very active and because Todd and I are both in business for ourselves, we have flexible schedules and the ability to spend a lot of time together as a family.  Thank you for your love and courage and thank you for giving us a closer look.  We hope by the end of viewing our profile, you feel like you know us and that you have peace and confidence as to whether we are a fit for you and your baby.