Chris & Ashley

We’re thrilled that you would consider us to love and nurture your child and we hope this letter will be an introduction that can blossom into a trusting and open relationship with you. 

We’re a couple who is very much in love. We dream about becoming parents, a dream we did not give up on when we learned we could not conceive naturally.

We’re grateful that we’ve been so lucky: we grew up in stable, loving homes that challenged us to do well in school and to continue feeding that thirst for learning. Our home is filled with books. We’re avid readers, art gallery and theater-goers. Your son or daughter will have every opportunity to explore his or her creativity and truly have a happy and inspiring childhood. We are the type of parents who would indulge any request to read one more book before bedtime. Our parents have already sent us books they read to us as children because they’re so excited about our hope to adopt. Ashley is a professional writer and can’t wait to create special stories with your little girl or boy. Chris is a natural builder, capable of creating anything. He can’t wait to ask a son or daughter what they would like to make and show them how. 

Your child will grow up with the love of a large family. They’ll have many cousins they’ll see on a regular basis, whether it’s gathering at our ranch in Texas to ride horses or to compete for  the best cookie at Christmas. We live in a safe neighborhood with other young families, parks for children to play and quality schools. We believe a child should explore care-free and develop a love of nature. They’ll go on hikes with us, camp, learn to ride a bike and play on the beach. We promise to keep them laughing, encourage their sense of adventure and protect them always. 


We admire you for wanting the best life for your baby and appreciate the trust you would place in us. 

Thank you for considering us. We admire your courage and we’re humbled that you read our letter. We wish you strength and peace. 

With deep gratitude –  

Chris and Ashley