Amanda & Shawn

Thank you for imagining we might be just who you want to adopt your baby. We are Shawn & Amanda, we started dating 17 years ago. We have been married for six years. Currently, our family consists of our dog Jax and our cat Tibbers. We have known for years that our family and home was not complete. We struggled for five years to conceive on our own. It would just be a dream to finally add another branch to our family.

The little baby growing in your belly is already everything that we need to make our hearts complete.

We know that we will not be perfect, and that we have a lot to learn, but our love will be endless along with our support. Both Shawn and I promise to support every dream our child has, and to be there to pick them up every time they fall.

We live in Palm Beach County Florida in a family oriented community with A rated schools. This was important to us when selecting where we would raise our child.

In our spare time we enjoy road trips, working out, gardening, and being with friends and family. Shawn’s family lives close by and are excited about welcoming a new baby into the family. Amanda‘s family lives out of state but are thrilled to know that they will have another grandchild in their lives.