Alex & Matt

Thanks for taking a look at our adoption profile. Our hope is to give you a bit of insight into our life and who we are. Our dream is to grow our family through adoption and we are excited to welcome a new baby into our home, with all the love and happiness we have in our hearts. We are open to sharing this wonderful journey with the birth parents who choose us.

We have been married for five years. We enjoy spending time with each other’s families, often traveling together and spend holidays together. Both of our families live nearby, with Alex’s family in South Florida and Matt’s family in the Orlando area. Our time with family is filled with lots of laughs and hugs. Each of our families are very supportive of our decision to adopt again and eagerly await the arrival of their newest family member.   

We became parents to Sofia in 2017 through adoption. Sharing the adoption experience with Sofia’s birth family and keeping in contact with them has been the most incredible and inspiring journey – one we look forward to starting again.

We have lived in Central Florida for three years. Our community is a great place to raise a family. We promise to be loving and dedicated fathers who will foster a home filled with love, laughter, and joy. We want to instill a life where education, individuality, diversity, honesty and respect are fundamental values in our children’s lives. We promise to provide a nurturing environment surrounded by family and friends.