Alan & Jaclyn

Hi! We are Alan and Jaclyn. Thank you for taking the time to get to know more about us and our hopes for the future.

We met 11 years ago in college and have been married for the past 7 years. In that time, we have traveled the world to learn about different places and cultures, advanced in our careers and through higher education, and matured into a caring and committed couple. Our growth together has created a firm foundation from which to weather life’s challenges.


In recent years, we have faced difficulties starting a family. Knowing we’ve always wanted to adopt, we have decided to embark upon our next journey to grow our family through adoption.

So far in our lives, we have grown professionally, developed new skills, and created a welcoming home. Alan works as an engineer, and Jaclyn works as a rehabilitation therapist and teacher. Each of us has advanced in leadership positions where we are able to engage in one of our favorite activities, mentoring others.

We have also developed new skills, like cooking. As college students, we could barely boil water. Now we bake bread and make fresh pasta. We have also created a home and developed a network of friends in our family-friendly diverse South Florida community (with some of the best schools in the city).


We come into open adoption with open hearts and minds. While we cannot promise to be perfect parents, we do promise to do our best and provide unconditional love and support. We, as well as our tight-knit family of parents, siblings, nieces, and nephews, look forward to fully welcoming a new member to the family. We hope that you will consider us in your journey.


Wishing you well,

Alan & Jaclyn