Professional Resources

We are pleased to provide you with access to some of our most helpful resources! Please feel free to contact our team with specific questions about your situation.

Fertility & IVF Center of Miami

Fertility & IVF Center of Miami provides Assisted Reproductive Technology services and egg donor matching to patients both domestically and internationally. They have three locations in South Florida.

Florida Institute for Reproductive Sciences and Technologies

FIRST is an infertility treatment center that offers diagnostic and therapeutic services, with personalized care by Dr. Minna Ruth Selub. FIRST has two offices located in Weston and Hialeah, Florida.

IVF Florida Reproductive Associates

IVF Florida provides fertility and reproductive services from low cost fertility treatments to highly complex fertility solutions. There are seven locations throughout Southeastern Florida.

IVFMD South Florida Institute for Reproductive Medicine

IVFMD offers IVF, egg/sperm donation, and many other ART and infertility treatments from six locations in South Florida.

Palm Beach Fertility Center

Palm Beach Fertility Center utilizes both natural, holistic medicine and leading-edge fertility treatments to produce optimal results. They offer donor egg, donor sperm, and IVF services.

Polcz Fertility Center

Polcz Fertility Center offers IVF, egg donation, and surrogacy services as well as many other fertility treatments with personal care by Dr. Tibor Polcz.
Phone: 561.736.6006

Specialists In Reproductive Medicine & Surgery, P.A.

SRMS is a reproductive endocrinology practice that provides IVF services, ICSI, egg donation, embryo donation, gestational surrogacy, and conventional surrogacy, as well as many other reproductive services.

Open Arms Consultants

Located in Bradenton, Florida, Open Arms Consultants, Inc. is an egg donation and surrogacy agency that offers services to intended parents in the United States and abroad.

Life Through Surrogacy

Life Through Surrogacy, located in South Florida, works with prospective intended parents and surrogate mothers to help achieve parenthood.

Family Makers Surrogacy

With locations in Georgia and Florida, Family Makers is owned and operated by former Intended Parents who support East Coast Intended Parents and Surrogates throughout the surrogacy process. They offer several programs depending on your specific needs and budget.

Stacey Levine, LMHC

Stacey Levine, LMHC has been working in the field of adoption for over 20 years. She provides services to birth parents and adoptive parents in South Florida.
Phone 954.829.1140

Tracy Deschler, LMHC

Tracy Deschler, LMHC is located near Tampa, Florida, and has provided adoption related services, such as interviews, home studies, and supportive services to adoptive parents and birth parents in Florida since 2005.
Phone: 727.422.5901

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services

Connecting Hearts Adoption Services is a licensed adoption agency, solely providing the domestic home study service. Connecting Hearts Adoption serves the entire state of Florida, so no matter where you live, we can help! The great thing about our service is that everything needed is online, so clients can begin the home study process whenever they are ready.
Phone: 407-733-8642

A Step Ahead Adoption Services

A Step Ahead Adoption Services (ASA) is an adoption consulting service offering adoption education, coaching, guidance, support and referral. In the 21 years they have been in business, ASA has helped over 2,000 families with successful adoptions. They work with a variety of adoption agencies and attorneys and help families “network” to find their forever child!

Our Chosen Child, LLC

Joanna with Our Chosen Child, LLC has been helping prospective adoptive parents create profile books for 10 years. She provides many design services and will walk adoptive parents through a collaborative, personalized process of creating a profile book from start to finish. Phone: 608.237.6507

Cuore Mio Co.

Annie and Julia of Cuore Mio Co. offer unique, one-of-a-kind adoption profile designs to best represent the authenticity of your one-of-a-kind family. We offer templates as well as fully-customized designs to fit your needs. We know from firsthand experience that adoption can be difficult and look forward to making this piece of your journey as easy as possible. We offer a complimentary phone consultation to answer any questions you might have about our process.