The Florida Adoption Process: National vs. Local Agencies

Understanding the adoption process in Florida can help a woman gain comfort in choosing private adoption placement for their child when faced with an unplanned pregnancy. The laws in Florida vary slightly from other states across the country and the process can cross state borders. One option to consider is whether to work with a local or national adoption agency. Both options have their advantages, and it is all about choosing what feels right for the birth parents and adoptive parents.

National Adoption Agencies For Unplanned Pregnancies

A national adoption agency is a private adoption agency that provides services to birth parents and adoptive parents across the entire United States. Babies and adoptive parents from different states can be matched with the assistance of a national agency. There are multiple benefits and drawbacks of working with a national agency.

  • National Adoption Agency Fees – Potential parents looking to adopt will likely face higher fees when working with a national adoption agency. The inflated fees are due to increase overhead national agencies face, as well as the fact that they typically offer more services. With a national agency, an adoptive parent may notice their contract offers greater financial protection. The adoption fees are often covered entirely by the adoptive parents and should have little effect on the birth parents. Financial compensation can be worked out in both cases to help the birth mother cover pregnancy and birth-related costs.
  • National Adoption Agency Services – National adoption agencies are able to reach a larger number of birth mothers by providing services across the country. Extensive networks and marketing efforts often allow national agencies to match birth parents and adoptive parents quicker. These agencies are able to match parents even if they are residents of different states.
  • National Adoption Agency Process – The process of working with a national vs. local adoption agency has little to no difference when all parties involved are residents of the same state. For intrastate adoptions, the process will be shorter and simpler with the help of a national agency, but many local agencies are able to complete this process quickly as well.

Local Adoption Agencies For Unplanned Pregnancies

A local Florida adoption agency can provide services to birth parents and potential adoptive parents within the state of Florida, and many can provide services in other states as well. Although some local agencies occasionally work in partnership with agencies in other states to complete an interstate adoption, this is not always the case and depends on the licenses of the adoption agencies or attorneys. There are also benefits and drawbacks to working with local adoption agencies.

  • Local Adoption Agency Fees – The fees associated with local adoption agencies are typically less than that of a national agency. Private adoption is never a cheap process of creating a family is no small feat. Local adoption agencies are able to charge a lower amount in fees because they often have smaller staffs and less overhead.
  • Local Adoption Agency Services – Local adoption agencies are often able to provide a more individualized and personal experience for both birth parents and adoptive parents, making sure that each match and adoption process is comfortable for all parties. Comfort and attention are critical to both parties throughout such a sensitive process such as adoption.
  • Local Adoption Agency Process – The private adoption process is Florida will have little to no variation in the process from one agency to another. The state sets certain laws and requirements to regulate the processes within the state. A major difference in adoptions with local agencies is that they are more likely to be located within a reasonable distance. Many birth parents and adoptive parents opt for a local agency because it is easy to meet in person.

Birth parents and adoptive parents should carefully consider the agency they decide to work with and the experience they desire. Hausmann & Hickman – Adoption & Surrogacy provides adoption services to residents within Florida as well as across the United States. With Hausmann & Hickman, all parties involved in an adoption proceeding will receive the personalized attention of a small local agency and the knowledge of a national agency. To get started with the adoption process in Florida, contact Hausmann & Hickman at (877)830-8208.