How Is Adoption Through Adoption Lawyers Different From Adoption Through An Agency?

When choosing to adoption, prospective parents can retain an agency or utilize adoption lawyers to handle an adoption placement. Each adoption method offers unique services and benefits. Hausmann and Hickman is a law firm that specializes in all types of adoption and surrogacy. Prospective adoptive parents may be confused on the different roles that adoption lawyers and adoption agencies in Florida play.

Prospective adoptive parents who chose a private attorney to handle their adoption needs benefit from direct and continuing legal advice regarding all aspects of their adoption. The adoption lawyer directly represents the prospective adoptive parents and is accountable to them as clients to protect the child’s best interests. Direct legal representation to the prospective adoptive parents is not available through an agency placement until finalization of the adoption.

Additionally, in a placement handled by an adoption attorney, the adoptive parents will become guardians of the child following relinquishment and continuing through finalization of the legal process. As the legal guardians, the adoptive parents have peace of mind that the child will not be removed from their home absent court review. This secured placement is not available in an agency adoption.

Unlike a larger adoption agency, adoption lawyers are able to give personal attention and care to each individual situation. At Hausmann and Hickman, our staff is dedicated to helping prospective parents navigate the sensitive and somewhat complicated process of private adoption and surrogacy. We also provide guidance for matters concerning reproductive law. If you are considering creating a family through adoption or surrogacy or a birth mother wanting to create a personalized adoption plan with support every step of the way, then contact us today by calling 1-561-732-7030.