Adoption and Surrogacy for Same Sex Couples

A recent Sun-Sentinel article focused on the story of a same-sex couple in South Florida and their success in creating a family through surrogacy. After many attempts at conceiving through surrogacy they were able to have their first daughter, and recently they have also welcomed a set of triplets into their family.

You can read their heartwarming story and watch the video here:

Full house: Two men, a 4-year-old and three babies

Florida’s reproductive law is changing with today’s modern times.  The law has evolved quickly over the past several years, expanding the traditional definition of “parent” to include modern same sex couples.  Now, the surrogacy and adoption laws recognize the protected constitutional rights of each parent. Courts primarily focus on the best interests of the children.  Legally established parental rights for each member of a parenting team is essential to protect a child’s interests.

Today’s modern couples have many options when choosing to create their families.  The most popular options are adoption and surrogacy.  Whether your child has a biological relationship to one member of the couple or the child was adopted through an adoption entity, Florida laws will enable each parent to establish and protect their rights.  Florida courts recognize the rights of eligible same sex couples to adopt children and enter into surrogacy contracts. The second parent adoption is an essential component to assure full establishment of rights.

Working with an experienced attorney knowledgeable in adoption and surrogacy law is essential because a mistake can place a family at risk.  Look for a Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Attorney.   Established secure rights is the foundation for a happy and successful family.