Adoption Options in West Palm Beach

Knowing what options are available for an unplanned pregnancy can be challenging. Placing a baby for adoption is a selfless choice that a woman can make to provide a stable and loving home for their baby. Adoption is a decision that can give a child the best life possible. The attorneys and staff at Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., work with women of all backgrounds. Our focus is to help adoptive families and birth mothers with private adoption so they can make the best possible adoption plan for the child.


The Benefits of Private Adoption in West Palm Beach

When facing an unplanned pregnancy, one of the best options for a birth mother and their baby may be a private adoption. The child is matched directly with an adoptive family when in a private adoption. Private adoption is different than placing a child with a public agency. A public agency adoption involves the child being placed in foster care prior to adoption. A private adoption not only places the child directly with the adoptive parents, but the adoptive parents can help with support and living expenses throughout the pregnancy. The cost of living in West Palm Beach is high compared to other parts of Florida. This can cause a financial burden for birth mothers in West Palm Beach. Adoptive parents can assist with expenses related to pregnancy or delivery. Lifting the burden of finances from birth moms can help relieve some stress during this challenging time.


Adoptive Families in West Palm Beach

Hausmann & Hickman has an extensive network of adoptive parents in Florida cities like West Palm Beach and the surrounding areas. We help place children with adoptive parents that the birth mother selects. There are multiple families near the West Palm Beach area that are looking to adopt a baby and provide them with a loving home. The level of openness in an adoption can be requested by the birth mother depending on her preferences. Potential adoptive families can be selected from our Families Looking to Adopt page, but we work with many more families who are not listed on our website. Please contact us any time if you do not see the right family on our website.


The Best Private Adoption Agency in West Palm Beach

The all-female agency at Hausmann & Hickman understands the need for sensitivity and compassion in an unplanned pregnancy. Our adoption and surrogacy firm provide birth mothers services like adoption matching and counseling. We want birth mothers to feel comfortable and fully understand the adoption arrangement, and to make sure it is personalized based on the birth mother’s desires for her child. For any questions regarding the adoption process, contact Hausmann & Hickman today.  

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