Adoption Options in Boynton Beach

There are a few options to consider for women facing an unplanned pregnancy in Boynton Beach. Placing a child for adoption is a wonderful and selfless choice that women can make to provide their child with a loving home. The attorneys of Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. work with birth mothers and families from all areas of Florida. We are determined to help birthmothers with the adoption process so their child can have a happy and healthy life through private adoption.


The Advantages of Private Adoption in Boynton Beach

Private adoption works as an option for birth mothers because it can provide flexibility in choosing the best situation for their baby and their circumstances. Private adoption places the baby directly with the new family following completion of the adoption process. When choosing private adoption, the baby isn’t placed in foster care like with public adoption agencies. Private adoption can also help with the finances of an unplanned pregnancy in Boynton Beach. Finances such as rent and groceries can add up and cause stress for the birth mother. To help women get the emotional, physical and often financial support they need, adoptive parents often help pay for expenses that are related to the pregnancy or delivery.


Adoptive Parents in Boynton Beach

At Hausmann and Hickman, we have a network of parents we work with throughout the country. Birth mothers can choose which adoptive parents their child will be placed with. An option some birth mothers choose is to request an open adoption if the family lives nearby. Another option many birth mothers choose is a semi-open adoption, in which they receive a picture and letter updates as the child grows up. With our network of adoptive parents, there are local families in the Boynton Beach that can provide a loving home for a baby. These potential adoptive families are on our Families Looking to Adopt page.   


The Best Private Adoption Agency in Boynton Beach

The all-female staff at Hausmann & Hickman P.A. understands the difficulties of an unplanned pregnancy. We focus on providing compassionate services and sensitivity in every adoption plan. We offer a range of services including legal, adoption matching, and counseling. Our goal is to ensure that all parties are comfortable with the agreed adoption plan. Contact the attorneys at Hausmann & Hickman with any questions or to begin the adoption process in Boynton Beach Florida.  

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