About Adoption & Surrogacy

Adoption & Surrogacy, brought to you by the adoption and reproductive law firm Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., is an experienced and qualified resource located in Palm Beach County, Florida. We are available to provide a full range of services for each party involved in the adoption or surrogacy process. We are available as your ultimate source for adoption and surrogacy information.

Our Mission

To provide experienced and compassionate guidance and resources to birth families facing an unplanned pregnancy, and provide legal representation to adoptive parents or parties to a surrogacy arrangement.

Our Team

Michelle Hausmann and Amy Hickman are Florida Bar Board Certified Adoption Lawyers who specialize in adoption and who focus on reproductive law. Through the years, they have represented hundreds of clients seeking to grow their families through adoption and surrogacy. The attorneys at Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. have extensive experience in handling all types of domestic child adoptions, adult adoptions, stepparent and second parent adoptions, gestational surrogacy agreements, preplanned adoption arrangements, pre-conception parenting agreements and donor-recipient contracts.