5 Common Myths About Unplanned Pregnancy

Women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy may feel overwhelmed and unsure about the options available. There are plenty of unplanned pregnancy options available for women who face this situation. There also are a few myths and misconceptions associated with unplanned pregnancy. Some of these myths have become widespread and can be confusing for women who may feel overwhelmed by their current situation. Having the right information and expert opinion can alleviate any additional stress. Below are some of the myths that some women may hear during an unplanned pregnancy.

5 Myths about Unplanned Pregnancy:

An unplanned pregnancy does not take place often:

Nearly half of pregnancies are unplanned and this affects women of various age groups and demographics.

It only happens to women with a lower income status:

This is not true. An unplanned pregnancy takes place regardless of income status. It has nothing to do with income or financial status.

It occurs to women with lower education:

Unintended pregnancy does not depend on a woman’s education level. Reports say that almost 77% of women who have reported an unplanned pregnancy were college level educated.

Teenagers are only affected:

This is another myth which is easily disproved. As recently conducted surveys indicate, the age group that is highest ranking for unplanned pregnancies is women in their early twenties. Women between the age group of 20-24 are the ones who undergo more than half of unplanned pregnancies.

Affects certain ethnicities:

Unintended pregnancies do not discriminate against people based on their races and are not influenced by ethnicity.

There are many myths that affect conceptions about an unplanned pregnancy. Busting common myths is important for helping women realize that their experience is not uncommon, and many other women experience an unplanned pregnancy, too. It may reduce feelings of anxiety to know that there are plenty of unplanned pregnancy options available. Proper knowledge can help women know what the best options are for them.

Unplanned Pregnancy Assistance

At Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., we understand that unplanned pregnancy can be a challenging situation. Every parenting situation is different and there are always many options to consider. Our team of attorneys and staff can help birth mothers place their baby for adoption with a loving family in our private adoption network. Birth mothers can choose the adoptive parents and can receive financial assistance during the pregnancy. For questions regarding unplanned pregnancy or to speak with our support staff, call us at 1-877-703-0774, text us at (561) 777-3320, or email us at [email protected].