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At Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., we provide a range of adoption and surrogacy services. Whether you are struggling with infertility, hoping to adopt, or considering your parenting options for an unplanned pregnancy, we are here to help. The services we provide include private placement adoption, intervention in dependency proceedings, and legal representation in reproductive law. If you are pursuing adoption in Florida or in another state, considering placing your child for adoption, or looking into reproductive technology to create your family, we are prepared to assist you.

Unlike a large adoption agency, the staff at Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. provide personal attention and compassion to each individual situation. We are here to help parents create families through adoption or surrogacy, and to help birth mothers create a personalized adoption plan with support every step of the way. We welcome the opportunity to speak with you about your unique situation. Contact us today!

Adoption & Surrogacy Services

Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. is located in Palm Beach County, Florida, but provides legal services throughout the United States. We believe that there is a family for every child and a child for every family!

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Florida Adoption Services

Every situation is different, and we understand that circumstances may not always be ideal for parenting a child. Adoption can be a loving option for an unplanned pregnancy. At Hausmann & Hickman, P.A., we will help you select an adoptive family to provide the caring and supportive home you wish for your child. The adoptive placement is without DCF involvement and as a birth parent, there is no cost to you. Whether you are looking for adoption services in West Palm Beach, Miami, Orlando, Tampa, or one of the many cities we serve, our support system includes the following:

  • Personalized Adoption –  You can choose the adoptive family from our waiting families page. If you don’t see the right family on our website, let us know. We have an extensive network and resources to help you find the right match. Whether you invasion an open adoption, closed adoption, or something in between, we will work together to be sure you’ve made the best match for both you and your baby.
  • Financial Assistance – Florida law allows the adoptive family to assist with your living expenses when needed. This includes rent, food, utilities, phone, maternity clothing, and transportation. Together we will develop a budget to help alleviate financial pressures during pregnancy.
  • Counseling – We offer private counseling through our supportive independent counselors.

Florida Surrogacy Services

With the advancements in reproductive technology, surrogacy may be another option for creating families. A surrogacy or donation agreement outlines the legal rights and responsibilities of the donor, surrogate, and the intended parents.Hausmann & Hickman, P.A. has extensive experience drafting surrogacy agreements, donor agreements, and finalization of legal proceedings, in a variety of third-party reproductive arrangements under Florida law.  We also offer complimentary introductory consultation with one of our legal experts.