Trish & Jeff

Hello! Thank you for choosing to read a little about our family. We are Jeff, Trish and Micah, we are fun loving and adventurous. We believe that adoption is the best choice for our growing family. We met while chaperoning a youth group field trip through our church and now have been married for twelve years. Trish has always had a desire to adopt and after a missions trip to an orphanage in Ecuador Jeff decided that adoption was the route they should pursue.  In 2012 Jeff and Trish started the process of adopting their son Micah. Micah is now four years old, he is an active, enthusiastic and loving little boy. We have had the opportunity to keep in touch with Micah’s biological family and visit with them during Jeff’s off time.  As a family we love to be outdoors walking trails, biking or at local beaches.   Jeff is a high school teacher and has summers and holidays off to spend with family. Trish owns a Landscape Design Business which has a flexible enough schedule to keep Micah at home with her.  During the week we participate in several playgroup activities with friends as well as engage in learning activities to prepare for kindergarten. We live in a small Island community and are grateful to have many good friends who are supportive during the process of adoption. We thank you for your time and consideration, if you would like to know more about us please visit our family profile page.